Caravan interior design

20 Small Caravan Interior Design Ideas to Get You Started

Small caravan interior design ideas can significantly change the overall look and feel of the place, cottages, vans, and campers. You can’t just decorate them how you like and expect them to sparkle like a new penny. For example, I recently erected a marquee for my friend’s wedding. It didn’t even cost me more than £200! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t interior design that can do to make your space more pleasant and inviting. After all, no one wants to spend their time in the Caravan or tent getting ready in the dark or eating their meals under a mosquito-infested table. Here are 20 ideas to help you get started on the right track regarding interior design for a small caravan or campervan. Exploring crеativе caravan intеrior idеas can transform your mobilе havеn into a stylish and functional spacе, combining comfort and practicality for your travеl advеnturеs.

A caravan represents freedom for individuals who enjoy nature and travel. It allows you to travel in the comfort of your home while visiting other locations. If you currently own a caravan or want to purchase one, you may modify it for your next road trip. Whеn rеdеsigning a caravan, you must focus on making thе most of thе availablе spacе, and all parts pickеd must bе as practical as possiblе. It is fеasiblе to build up an all-in-onе arеa containing a kitchеn, living room, and bеdroom, rеgardlеss of thе small spacе. Simply bе wisе and look at as many еxamplеs as possiblе to еmpowеr yoursеlf with thе most significant idеas.


1. Ditch the rug and go for a seating plan that’s easier on the eyes

It is a no-brainer if your space is tight, and you have limited space for decor. Ditch the rug and go for a simple seating plan with a standalone table and chairs. It will give your room a much-needed space and allow you to concentrate on serious decorating. This seating plan will also make your room look much cleaner. You can always add a decorative feature like a plant or a vase at the side to complete the look. Caravan decor ideas can turn your mobile home into a personalized oasis, blending style and functionality to create a cosy and inviting space for your travels.

The number of individuals who will use the seating layout is essential to consider while designing your seating plan. Is it only you and your partner, or are there parents with three or four children? You may have a small 2-berth caravan at roughly 5.5m, or if you’re taking all the kids, you’ll want to move to a larger caravan to meet all the sleeping needs. So, something up to 7.5m could be preferable. If you’re planning to use it during the summer, you won’t need much internal room because you’ll be spending most of your time outside under the awning, but if you want to use it all year, you’ll need more.


2. Spice things up with an eclectic mix of photos

Small caravan interior design ideas are needed to make your van look perfect. Exploring crеativе caravan intеrior idеas can transform your mobilе havеn into a stylish and functional spacе, combining comfort and practicality for your travеl advеnturеs. You must go wild with the photos that line your walls. If you have ample enough space, you can use a photo collage to create an eye-catching theme. Here are some ideas below,

  • Decorate the insides of the frames with photos, attractive paper, or old books.
  • You can create a unique mosaic photo wall idea by adhering your brightly coloured square prints to a piece of coloured paper or paperboard.
  • A black-and-white theme for your photo wall is the epitome of class! Choose several images with contrasting tones and print them in black and white. You can frame your photos or order them as fine canvas prints for a more elegant look. The two-tone design contrasts particularly well with solid-coloured walls.
  • Everyone enjoys fairy lights, as they add warmth to your space and are affordable and attractive. In less than 30 minutes, you can create an eye-catching picture wall idea by attaching retro or square prints to the strings. Use tiny wooden pegs for a vintage appearance or bright pegs for a more vibrant look.
  • One of the most straightforward DIY projects you can complete with kids is the wooden hanger photo wall. Gather a few wooden hangers, and then attach your pictures to them. You can also include drawings or notes. This grid panel allows you to decorate your wall even when hanging something on it is impossible.


3. Make space for your kids

Caravan bunk beds accommodate two people. It’s a unique addition to your Caravan’s interior with wall stickers, a faux greenery headboard, and some fantastic prints that make this place hip and charming. Even if your Caravan has a bunk room, it can be a cramped space for many kids. Redecorating can help kids be more excited about their tiny sleeping spaces. Redecorating your Caravan will give your children an area for some of their favourite belongings. You can remove the bed in one room and replace it with bunk bed cribs. You can configure your bunk beds on a lift system to be raised out of the way during the day and lowered at night.


4. Wallpapers that are bright and bold

If you’re in a rush, you can always use an essential wall background like a photo or a poster. But for an extra pop of colour, why not try a bold, bright wallpaper design? It will allow your space to shine and make it feel more “homey” and relaxed.

Bold wallpaper might inspire you to build new worlds in your caravan. You can put wallpapers of the tropics, foggy mountain peaks, and exotic aviaries. Considering a large-format mural or hand-painted motifs will make your wall decorative as they are high-end and wildly inventive, and they can transform the interior and living areas.

Adding wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to decorate a caravan. It is also possible to customise these elegant wallpaper patterns to fit your feature wall properly. The graphic’s scale can be changed, allowing you to zoom in on your favourite area of the image and even modify the colour tone to match a specific decor palette.


5. Get some cushions when you can

You might not notice a lovely throw cushion the first time you enter a room. But what about a terrible one? Unfortunately, that is instantly noticeable. While it may not appear to be a significant element, the quality of your choices may make or break a space. So, before you settle on any old brand, the next time you redecorate your home, you might want to examine a few throw pillow businesses that have been tried and trusted by interior designers. Of course, many designers are used to dealing with larger budgets, so their sources tend to be on the upper end of the pricing spectrum.

Cushions are a lifesaver when it comes to small caravan interior design ideas. They give your space extra space and allow you to collapse on the floor instead of the couch. They also help absorb the sound and heat from the carpet, which is a significant downside of the rug. When you can’t use the couch, you can always use the cushions as a bed. They make a brilliant guest’s bed or even a double bed.


6. Add some colour to your space with fun wall décor

If you want to get creative, try adding some fun wall décor. You can always use your imagination to create a wall expression. The more eye-catching the wall art, the better it is. Insert a splash of colour into your living space by painting one wall. Look for a nook to add colour to or select a more extensive wall that will draw attention. Choose a bright, contrasting hue for a rug. Alternatively, paint the wall the same colour as the rest of your walls. If you are using a darker tone, go for a subtle one.

Choose a colour for the flooring that will not show too much dirt and is easy to clean since we all know that keeping the van floor clean is impossible at the best of times. You might want to explore having black tapware, sinks, and other fixtures, with timber-look benches and earthy-themed linens and decorations.


7. Bring mother nature into your Caravan

Plants may make your van seem more like a home and add some live décor. However, another significant advantage of plants is that they improve interior air quality. Because most caravan conversions contain components that emit dangerous VOCs, plants might be your secret weapon for filtering toxic compounds from the air. However, it takes a very tough plant to withstand the rigours of road life. It would help if you had something with minimal maintenance that works well in dim light. Also, in a caravan, the space is limited. You need a plant that isn’t too huge.

Nature provides the most beautiful hues to complement your van area. Get succulents or devil’s ivy that can survive in low-lighting environments. If you don’t have the greenest thumb on the block, go with realistic fake blooms. With today’s lifelike fake flowers and plants, it’s simple to deceive the eye.

Fresh flowers are an excellent accent to any living environment, and it is an important aspect of small caravan interior design ideas. They provide a tremendous ornamental touch with a beautiful assortment of exquisite species and stunning colours. Flowers with distinct aromas include freesias, hyacinths, lavender, and lilacs, while classics like lilies, peonies, and sweet peas may also lend aesthetic and fragrant appeal to your van’s interior.


8. Get an interior light for your Caravan

As part of the UK government’s effort to reduce CO2 emissions, a ban on the sale of halogen light bulbs went into effect in September 2021, and in 2023, fluorescent lighting will be phased out. If we haven’t already, we must all switch to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at home and in our caravans, RVs, and campervans. Most current caravans and motorhomes are equipped with LEDs, but if yours isn’t, there are many alternatives.

  • LED lights bring colour and individuality to a living space. Add a couple of lights surrounding a piece of art or furniture for visible splashes of colour. Make your lamp by upcycling things or salvaging components into fixtures that add a new degree of uniqueness to your van.
  • The spotlights with single-LED fittings gave out minimal light. It was simple to replace the units with newer, more fashionable lighting.
  • There are several novel solutions on the market, ranging from dimmable spotlights to spotlight fittings that include a USB charging port. Many young people like to sleep with a nightlight on, and there are now multipurpose “blue” LED nightlights. Meanwhile, low-level ‘pinhole’ illumination is ideal for individuals who need to get up in the middle of the night.
  • In the winter, scented candles are an effortless way to brighten the air. When it comes to perfumes, the choices are unlimited, with anything from food-themed aromas to flower fragrances and even fresh cotton or “beach” inspired odours available. Position them correctly, light them up, and then let them do the heavy lifting.


9. Get an outdoor shower

Enhancing the allure of a static caravan involves thoughtful planning and imaginative touches, turning the space into a cozy retreat with creative decorating ideas. An outdoor shower is an important small caravan interior design idea that will save you tons of space and is an excellent option if you’re comfortable showering outside. To use this, you will need to be in a warmer climate. If you are uncomfortable with the shower/toilet combo (aka wet room), it’s a great way to save room if you’re comfortable showering and using the toilet in the same small space.

You may install a campervan outdoor shower powered by a gas-powered quick water heater. Your van shower system will work best if you are in the middle of nowhere and there are no other people around. But what if you want more privacy when bathing outside? You can set up a campervan shower curtain so that we may connect a shower curtain to our rear doors using a pole when we need privacy.

The campervan outdoor shower uses roughly 2 litres of water per minute. You must be conscious of your water consumption when living in a campervan. A 10–15-minute shower, as you may do at home, would consume 20–30 litres of water. If you increase this by two for two people, you will run out of water pretty soon unless you have a huge water tank!


10. Country charm in children’s bedrooms

You may go with a light-yellow motif and complement it with little patterns on white fabric for your drapes and tablecloth for a playful rustic or country-themed interior. The classic black-and-white checkered red carpet provides a not-so-subtle contrast to the feminine interior design.

Country design is sometimes associated with a rustic or primitive style. However, this is not necessarily the case. Still, the line between what counts as rural and what counts as rustic is blurred. You can never go wrong with yellow curtains and muted yellow furnishings for a vibrant kids’ bedroom with a rustic feel. To make the place more inviting for your children, hang a rainbow bunting and add printed throw cushions and quilted bedcovers. You can make the interior warm and inviting by implementing a rustic style.

The country style, with a surprisingly diverse personality, works equally well in historic mansions as in modern homes. In country-style interior design, you should use soft neutrals, tan tones, pastels, and natural colours. The living room in the van is the best place to add country charm. Several attractive methods exist to decorate and make the ceiling seem great, such as using eye-catching light fixtures or other select materials.


11. Boost your business with a “vintage style” caravan

Create a retro impression with these pastel-coloured tiles and upholstery, which contrast nicely with the warmth of the wood interior. You may mix the elegance and intricacy of old oak floors with all the benefits of contemporary flooring with vintage-style flooring solutions. You should use vinyl rolls and LVT flooring as they provide wood-look flooring with character and strong water and scratch resistance.

  • To add even more antique flavour to the area, enhance a simple colour scheme with a wallpapered accent wall in a floral design. You can use white, cream, beige, soft greys and faint pastels such as duck-egg blue, pale pinks, and lilacs to give a vintage style.
  • Incorporate natural or chemically damaged wooden furniture for an immediate antique feel in your home.
  • Large wooden or glass cabinets are ideal for showcasing antique glassware and cutlery.
  • Textiles with fading floral motifs and a delicate, mild, pastel colour palette might fall into this category. Consider designs that combine flowers, plants, birds, and butterflies. Upholstery, pillows, and even textiles could provide an antique-inspired design look.
  • A vintage-style chandelier will add a touch of beauty and femininity to your van.
  • The vintage-style caravans are liked by small business owners, market goers, food truck enthusiasts, weekend explorers, and everyone who has ever wanted their unique vintage trailer. With all of your home comforts packed into a lovely tiny trailer, you get the classic aesthetic but with a modern interior.
  • You can get this fun retro diner style by reusing antique tablecloths, which offer a bright and distinctive atmosphere to the interior of your van. Check to see if you have any old tablecloths that may transform into window curtains.


12. Relax with a Beach hut style

The beauty of beach style is that you don’t have to live on the beach to pull it off!

The cabana stripes, beiges, and blues are reminiscent of the water. These colours can work in almost any place if you desire pure white linens, worn timbers, and bluish-green sea tones for your interior. You can create a distinct beach hut vibe by adding functional layouts that allow plenty of room for living and sleeping. Adding storage is a clever concept. For example, having a folding table, bed, and chair.

You can also have a tiny kitchen space with a sink and an optional hob burner that you can purchase separately. If you don’t have a place for a built-in toilet, a Porta Potti can be placed within the walk-in closet.

The Beachy Van 540 is a camper van inspired by a surf trailer, which is a spiritual heir to the legendary wave-chasing camper vans of yesteryear. Beachy’s aesthetic is similar to that of its caravan collection, with things remaining light, bright, and open. The walls and ceiling are trimmed in light, seashore-inspired fabric with “Beachy” embossing, and the overhead cabinet doors are removed in favour of lighter strap-based retention. It omits the hanging lights from its trailers, most likely to avoid whipping back passengers during the journey.

Beach-themed centrepieces are ideal for the holidays, and you can even include a candle in the centre! All you need is a trip to the beach to gather some seashells, sand, and perhaps a starfish shell. Alternatively, fill an edged dish with sand and set the candles around the edge for a stunning table piece.


13. Make it colourful in Bohemian style

Bringing colourful things and patterns from all around the world works nicely in a caravan. The boho style is eclectic, combining personality and culture to create a one-of-a-kind place. A caravan in boho style features wood running across the roof or down the walls. Unfinished or natural-looking wood will give you the most realistic result. If your van has already been completed and it is too late to add wooden walls or a wood-panelled ceiling, you may still use natural features on the walls to get the boho chic camper style.

  • The sky is the limit when incorporating patterns, prints, and any other design you can think of. You don’t have to be concerned about whether two patterns match. The bohemian style frequently combines patterns that would not ordinarily go together. Bedding is one of the simplest ways to incorporate patterns into your room.
  • Pillows are never in short supply in the bohemian style. Consider using bright colours, dramatic patterns, and natural materials such as macramé. Moroccan or Indian-style textiles are popular choices for boho-style cushions.
  • You can keep succulents and other low-maintenance plants on windowsills or the kitchen counter. You may also use hanging plants, but ensure you secure them before changing positions.
  • Romantic lighting will create a bohemian atmosphere in your camper van. You can use candles, fairy or twinkle lights, or even battery-operated candles to create a similar effect. At night, string lights along your ceiling or arrange them along your kitchen counter. You can also place bistro lights around the back doors of your vehicle. You can add a ladder to your bunk beds. If not, I adore the frayed top and the wooden stairs. You can paint your accessories in assorted colours to give the ideal bohemian vibe!


14. Apply Scandinavian style

Scandinavian interior design is well-known for its clean lines, high quality, and use of layers and textures to create a warm and friendly environment. The Scandinavian style involves bringing light into any space, which is ideal for your van’s interior design.

  • Scandinavian interior design is a minimalistic style that employs a variety of textures and soft colours to make it look clean. This modern decor style makes the place warm and welcoming. It is high in functionality, stylish, and pleasant. Placing strong colour contrasts with rich architectural elements can create a powerful and striking statement for your caravan interior.
  • You may install dual-pane panoramic window frames in the caravan’s L-shaped kitchen, where you can do everything you’d do in your kitchen, including stovetop cooking with a gas range and sink.
  • The hues of the Scandinavian style include mellow taupe, white, and sage. You can also use minimalist decorative details like black-and-white photographs, olive branches, and decorations made of metal.
  • The main idea is to make your place as cosy and comfortable as possible. You can put a foldable bed against a wall or a window in a small space without taking up the whole space. You can use curtains to separate the sleeping space, adding to the cosiness.


15. Get a decorative lounge

You can do several things to improve the appearance of the van lounge. The sofa, whether in a traditional house or a static caravan, is the pièce de résistance. Given the space constraints, you may not be able to purchase a new full-size sofa, but there are lots of possibilities in tiny sizes. You should acquire a comfy corner sofa, a large kitchen and dining room, and space for a functional utility area. The configuration of the central parlour, with the big ensuite bedrooms divided by the kitchen and dining area, allows maximum seclusion and efficient use of space. The holiday home may have light, neutral tones with yellow touches. With beautiful oak cabinetry, grey doors, and efficient dark grey countertops, the kitchen and dining spaces tie the colour scheme together.


16. Caravan kitchen with storage

One of the most significant advantages of owning a static caravan is the presence of a kitchen. One of the perks of caravan living is having your kitchen prepare tasty and comfortable meals. However, to make caravan cooking fun, you must have a static caravan kitchen that meets your demands. This is where the adventure begins.

  • The kitchen has a lot of opportunities for adding a little flair and pzazz to your house. Cupboard doors may be changed or painted to update the style of your kitchen. Other minute details, such as matching the crockery, kettle, and toaster to the room’s colour scheme, are sure to be a style hit. Another interior design option is planting a little herb garden near your kitchen window.
  • With less area to play with than in a traditional home, you must devise innovative methods to maximise your space. It is especially true in the kitchen, where counter space is the holy grail of a delicious dish. Storage is essential for removing clutter and keeping your static caravan looking nice.
  • Putting items on racks frees up other storage space. Displaying kitchenware is fashionable, with many homeowners preferring open shelves over more conventional cabinets. Another storage idea is to use rectangular containers in the pantry. These are the most convenient methods to keep culinary items and snacks.
  • Herbs in the kitchen window may give your kitchen a delicate perfume. Plant herbs with different scents in teacups, miniature pots, window plants, and other similar receptacles. As an added bonus, you can season your food with freshly cut sprigs that are right at your fingertips.


17. Bathroom for your Caravan

Buying a caravan without a toilet and shower on board was common in the past, and people either used the facilities where they stayed, carried their own, or did their business in sponge baths and dug holes. Today, many caravans have interior bathrooms and showers. Some are combo units, with the shower mounted on top of the toilet, while others are fully separate.

Many people continue to use outdoor toilets and showers, which is like everything else in life and has its advantages and disadvantages.

Caravan bathrooms are often small, but with a little imagination, this area can be both functional and enjoyable. Probably the best thing you can do is to save space by mounting fabric pockets next to the sink and radiator, or by installing a corner shelf in the shower to put all your products on.


18. Purchase collapsible items

I will suggest using collapsible stuff to save space. For as little as the cost of a takeout coffee, items are available that are collapsible, fold-out, or pop-up. Tabletop ironing boards, foldable or pop-up laundry hampers, clotheshorses, and other similar items are excellent space-saving alternatives for your van. Additionally, drawer dividers and utensil trays are valuable goods that can help you reduce clutter.


19. Get a bedroom to sleep outdoors

Those with one or two axles are the most prevalent caravan types. Your little rolling house usually has a kitchen, a dining area, a bedroom, a closet, and a toilet. Its arrangement is determined by the size of your caravan and your requirements. If you want to stay for an extended period, consider adding a shower and a functional toilet. A double bed in a caravan is typically 54″ x 75″ and is appropriate for single people with or without pets and teens who sleep in their beds crosswise. In reality, there are several mattress sizes, each of which relates to a certain sleeping circumstance.

  • The platform bed is arguably one of the most common types we select for our van conversion. Platform beds feature a single designated sleeping space that is fixed in place. This bed style appeals to us since it is always ready to use.
  • Fixed-position beds have a lot of storage space beneath them, known as the garage. You can store bicycles, clothing, water, a camping fridge, and other adventurous gear. The disadvantage of fixed beds is that they don’t allow much room for seats. Because storage is our primary priority, you may construct the bed high enough to accommodate bicycles below. Headspace was the bigger worry, and we may have to lower the bed by at least 9 inches.
  • When not in use, convertible beds fold up to provide a place for dinettes, couches, or oversized items of adventure equipment. These mattresses are helpful if you require a comfortable working environment or wish to accommodate more than two people in your van. The disadvantage of convertible beds is that they must be assembled. Go for an eco-friendly caravan.


20. Save your space with Magnet

Magnetic strips are fantastic for keeping knives in a secure position and allowing you to always know where these things are. It also has the benefit of being self-adhesive. You may place these strips wherever they’ll be most handy, such as over a kitchen work area, near a door, or beside a bathroom cabinet. Everything will be much more organised and accessible with magnetic tape strips. Much more so than if you shoved it into a drawer that was already overflowing!



Suppose you’ve been on the road for a while and are starting to miss home comforts. Why not treat yourself to a bit of home chic this Christmas? Try some beautiful van accessories and van decor. Why not go retro with a few vintage items or create a small collection of décor that’s perfect for your space? You can always repurpose things or recycle them and give new life to the old.

Caravans have long been a comfortable place to dine, sleep, and relax. Because of the rise of hotels, motels, and other forms of lodging, the caravan has become more of a new option for staying and travelling. More families are spending their vacations at UK caravan parks. Some are purchasing their own travel trailers, and others are opening caravan hotels. Now that you know some of the basics regarding interior design for a small caravan, try out these 20 small caravan interior design ideas and see how they turn out. You can also check the Range Rover interior design if you are fascinated with styling your SUV.