The L-shaped modern living and dining room

12 Breathtaking L-Shaped Living Room Interior Design Ideas 2022

Once upon a time, living rooms had little scope for creativity or innovation. They were just regular response-type rooms that had to be big enough to accommodate a sofa, love seat, armchair, or any other type of seating that your family preferred. No one said anything about aesthetics or how you could make your living room stand out from the rest of the house and become its very soul. That is why most living rooms used to consist of some neutral walls and an L-shaped sofa. Simple, right? That’s not the case anymore! The interior design world is stirred up with fresh and new ideas that have led to an entirely new way of thinking when it comes to designing living rooms. Today’s article will help you embrace your inner curvier with 12 L-shaped living room interior designs:

Let’s talk about L Shaped Living Rooms.

The L-shaped living room interior design is a great design to have. You can see the L-shaped corner in almost every room. It is a great shape to have to make the room look fuller. L-shaped living rooms are a bit of an odd duck in the world of interior design. It is a space deeply rooted in traditional design. Still, the current trends of rustic, modern, and industrial design have caused it to become a very versatile space that can design in many different ways.

L-shaped living rooms are more significant than a traditional rectangular rooms but not as extensive as a square room. L-shaped living rooms are shaped like an L, meaning the seating area is like an upside-down L. This type of room design has existed for centuries and is still trendy today.

They are the perfect option for smaller houses or apartments. Since it’s not as wide as the traditional rectangular room, it will feel cosier and more comfortable. This layout is perfect for small families that want to create a cosy corner for reading, watching TV, or playing games. They are also ideal for hosting guests because they have an open concept and are straightforward to circulate in. It’s clear to make this layout work in any home. Depending on your preference, you can go with a rustic or modern look. This type of room design’s versatility has kept it popular.

L-shaped open-plan layout

Open-plan living is a popular option. Many modern designs now forgo the traditional sitting area in favour of a more casual space that seamlessly integrates with the kitchen and dining. The L-shaped living room layout is the most popular open-plan living shape. The great thing about an L-shaped space is that the zones are already defined. The kitchen is usually best kept in the room by itself and placed between the living and dining areas to keep unwanted noise to a minimum.

The best method for zoning is to establish contrasts in flooring, furniture, colour, and design while preserving the design’s overall flow. It can be helpful to visualise where walls might be. If the space were divided into individual rooms when designing an open-concept living area. When you perceive the area as a collection of rooms rather than a single open area, you should consider its uses and traffic patterns. Making minor structural alterations, like relocating or blocking a doorway, changing the direction of a staircase, or installing sliding glass doors, will always emphasise your open plan.

Why Are L-Shaped Living Rooms So in Right Now?

The main reason why L-shaped living rooms are so in right now is that they are versatile enough to go with almost any design aesthetic. You can create a bold design with lots of colours and patterns or a minimalist design with mostly neutral colours.

The only restriction an L-shaped living room design has is the room size since they are longer than wide. You might have to get rid of some pieces of furniture or move others to do the room work, but it is worth it for the design you can create.

Don’t be afraid of colour!

L-shaped living room interior design is a type of interior design that is classic, simple, and stylish. If you are designing an L-shaped living room, you might be wary of using bright and loud colours, but you shouldn’t be at all! When people see a bright and colourful L-shaped living room, they might think it clashes with the rest of the house, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

To avoid this, you can use blue or purple walls to create a contrast, or you can use patterned wallpaper to tie the room in with the rest of the house. You can use any colour you want to create the perfect L-shaped living room, but you should use colours that suit the style of the room.

Actual colours that go well in an L-shaped living room are black, blue, white, yellow, red, and green. You can use these colours in different ways to create an l-shaped living room design that is as unique as you are.

A Touch of Mid-Century Modern

If you like the idea of using an L-shaped living room but don’t want to go for a too colourful design, you can use the classic look of mid-century modern. This type of design is very neutral so that it will match almost any L-shaped living room design.

An L-shaped interior design can add a modern and stylish look to your living room. To create a mid-century modern l-shaped living room, you will need primarily white furniture and decor. You can also use wood or metal to create a modern look that impresses your friends and family. You can use any seating in your L-shaped living room, but couches, armchairs, and love seats are classic choices that will go great with a mid-century modern design.

Go for Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Another design idea that will work well with an L-shaped living room is geometric shapes and patterns. There are many different types of geometric shapes that you can use to create your L-shaped living room decor, and you can use them in many different ways.

Use different shapes and patterns on your L-shaped living room floor, like a checkerboard or herringbone pattern. You can use different colours of paint on the walls to create geometric patterns, or you can use wallpaper. You can also use shapes in your furniture and decor, like squares, triangles, and diamonds.

Add a wall of windows!

If you want to create an L-shaped, bold, and vibrant living room design, you might want to add a wall of windows. Adding a wall of windows to your L-shaped living room design can be a good idea if you have the right furniture.

If you want to add a wall of windows, you will want to use primarily fine furniture. It could include coffee tables, bookshelves, and decorative wall art. You will also want to use neutral-coloured furniture and decor so that the windows are the show’s star.

If you have a darker-toned L-shaped living room, a wall of windows can bring in plenty of natural light, making the room feel lighter and brighter.

If you want to go bolder 

Bold colour plays a vital role in the L-shaped living room interior design ideas that can create a cosy, inviting setting in your home. In a bold L-shaped living room design, you can use bold colours and patterns in almost every aspect of the room. Use bold and bright colours on the walls, like red, blue, or purple. Also, you can use bold patterns on the furniture and decor or a combination of bold colours and patterns. You can use bold colours and patterns on your L-shaped living room floor, like a checkered or zigzag pattern.

  1. Bright room colours have a significant impact on interior design. Bright red, orange, rich yellow, hot pink, purple, or intense blue and green interior decoration colours offer vitality and enjoyment to any space decor. It’s remarkable what a splash of bright decorative colour can do for a bland, uninteresting space.
  2. One advantage of using bright colours is that there is no wrong response. If you adore the ocean because it reminds you of deep blue seas, or if a rich purple sunset over the horizon on an autumn day makes your pulse race, the world fills with colour, and it’s up to you to select the ones that will bring your space to life.
  3. Keep in mind the mood you wish to convey. Warm hues like rose or mauve, terracotta, and warm browns make your house seem snug and inviting. Blues and purples, on the other hand, might help you make your home feel more luxurious.
  4. Adding a splash of colour to your kitchen backsplash is an easy way to transform an all-white kitchen. You may use ceramic tile, a terrific method to incorporate trendy blue tones with mixed metals such as brass, copper, or gold. With the trend toward more natural-inspired colour palettes, it’s only natural that people are beginning to appreciate more organic designs. Unique textures like leather and fur are currently popular, as are stunning tile motifs like flowers, stripes, and geometric forms.
  5. Choose a dramatic black monochromatic palette for your bathroom while combining different materials to make an instant design statement. Black tile blends the stunning, glossy sheen of zellige ceramic tiles with the handcrafted style of traditional tiles. A modern bathroom design might also benefit from a black and red colour combination.
  6. Geometric tile looks are ideal for anybody looking to bring a modern and refined touch to their house. They intend to resemble natural patterns observed in nature. Geometric forms are a terrific way to inject some personality into your decor. Geometric tiles are available in various forms, sizes, and colours, so there is something for everyone.
  7. Suppose you aren’t ready to buy accessories or paint a wall but want to see how a space will appear with stronger hues, display photos or wall art in vivid colours. You may want to add more when you notice the bright colours in the space. You may use a single colossal image or piece of art, or you can make a collage of smaller pieces.
  8. A single bright-coloured accent wall or a vibrant display of stripes and modern decorative patterns adds dimension to interior design and makes living rooms look intriguing and trendy. Brightly coloured room furniture and decor items like curtains, bedding sets, and throw pillows look excellent when coupled with colourful lamp shades and innovative wall design ideas, celebrating cheerful, daring, dynamic, and modern interior design.

Incorporate some storage!

Adding as much storage as possible is a good idea, no matter what design you choose for your L-shaped living room. It can include shelves for books and decorative items and cabinets for storing your kitchen supplies and other things. You can incorporate shelves into the walls of your L-shaped living room, or you can use freestanding shelving units. You can also add cabinets to any wall, or you can use a bookshelf that also has cabinets built into it. Adding cabinets and shelves to your L-shaped living room design will make it look tidier and help you store away anything you don’t have room for anywhere else.

  1. Do you want to take a vacation from technology and screen brain drain? Create a nice living room nook with a comfortable armchair and a bookcase full of beloved books. Bookshelves are ideal for storing cherished memories but don’t overfill them. Leaving some white space can highlight your prized possessions while keeping your shelves neat and orderly. Depending on the area’s architecture, you may go for a more mid-century glam style with the gold bookcase. Or a primary, minimalistic, mid-century modern aesthetic with floating shelves, wall shelves, and wall-mounted bookcases.
  2. Choose a beautiful set of tiny nested tables that may nest comfortably at the end of your sofa or give extra surface area for snacks and beverages while entertaining guests for a terrific and adaptable solution for a small modern living room with limited floor space. Nesting tables also make excellent coffee table substitutes.
  3. If you can afford it, bespoke built-in shelf designs are the stuff of storage fantasies. You can hide even the most incredible mess and store anything from books to toys and games while making an appealing display above with a combination of open shelves and cabinet doors.
  4. Keep even more with a unique pop-up design, such as the wooden lift-top coffee table with concealed compartments. Hidden storage space and a lift-up tabletop with changeable height are among unique ideas and features. You can have an open shelf at the bottom that provides enough display and storage room for your handicrafts, flower pots, and periodicals.
  5. You can use the most incredible drinks carts for more than just storing bottles and glasses. So, whether you’ve bought a cheap and cheerful item or a spectacular piece, reduce the cost per usage by displaying attractive accessories that showcase your interior flair.
  6. Make the most of the nooks in your living area if you have them. They have ideal storage space. When considering how to decorate a living room, floating shelves are usually an excellent option since you can use them to add décor and a place to hold books. However, if you want enclosed storage, an excellent suggestion for alcoves is to use the bottom area for a storage box or even have something built-in so that uncomfortable floor space isn’t wasted.
  7. Living room storage does not always mean storing everything. Clutter might be beneficial at times. Curate the clutter by selecting colour palettes while arranging where everything will go. I adore the rustic look of these small bookshelves in this living room. They almost appear to float on the wall for a shabby-chic home library design. The great thing about bookshelves is that you can make them out of scrap wood and simple home improvement tools.

A Bright and Sunny Space With White Walls

If you want to create a bright and sunny living room, you can use a lot of white in your design. For example, use white paint on the walls and white furniture and decorative items. Using light-coloured wood and metal, as well as light-coloured fabrics for things like blankets and curtains, will make your room brighter. You can also use colourful items as long as they are light in colour, like pink throw blankets or green plants. You can also use light-coloured wall art, as well as light-coloured curtains, that will make the room feel even brighter. A bright and sunny L-shaped living room design is an excellent choice if you want a welcoming and open space. It is also a good choice for young children, as it is easy to clean.

  1. White has traditionally been considered a safe interior hue, with many people treating it as a neutral, non-colour. When handled as a stunning hue, white creates a strong, clean, dramatic design statement and might be the most stimulating room colour. Many homeowners are hesitant to use white because they are concerned about making an all-white space seem comfortable and welcome.
  2. White is the most energising hue in the rainbow. It can inspire purity and cleanliness, as well as confidence and refinement. There are hundreds of different shades of white, and none of them appears like variations on beige. There are tiny underlying glimpses of colour in a range of whites, ranging from pinks and yellows to greens and purples. Choose the majority of the colour in your home’s furnishings and decor.
  3. Look to your kitchen cabinets, flooring, countertops, and bathroom tile for colour hints on selecting the best underlying hue. For every home, there are multiple “ideal whites.” Suppose your space lacks personality or warmth. Layer whites in comparable shades of white, warm whites, greys, warm greys, and so on. You may choose pieces of the same colour but with various textures so that they interact with one another and generate visual texture. It keeps the eye from becoming bored. You can create a room with depth and intrigue and use patterns, textures, and diverse materials in comparable white tones. It is especially effective in bedrooms. Textiles, an upholstered headboard, window coverings, and bedding may all be coordinated in different hues of tone-on-tone.

An Ultra-feminine Room With Pinks and Purples

To create an ultra-feminine living room, you can use pinks and purples as your primary colours. You can use these colours in many different ways, from painting the walls pink to using pink and purple furniture and decorations. Colours like gold, silver, and white in your L-shaped living room design will give it a masculine touch, but most of the room should be pink and purple. You can also use floral patterns in your wall art and decorations to help the room feel more feminine. An ultra-feminine L-shaped living room design is perfect for women of all ages. It is an excellent choice if you want a charming and cosy room and if you like to surround yourself with pink and purple.

  1. Salmon pink is a slightly orange-toned shade of pink, which helps link magenta and yellow together. In a bright, airy kitchen, paint the cabinets salmon pink and choose saturated sunflower yellow subway tiles for the backsplash. Use magenta accessories around the room, such as utensil holders and a light fitting, to create a lively, fresh, and colourful style.
  2. You can use pastel shades of yellow, pink, and purple to create a soft and gentle look. This style is ideal for a nursery or playroom, or you could use more sophisticated fabrics and textures to achieve an elegant and bright take on these innocent and somewhat childlike shades.
  3. Rose pink and lilac are softer shades of pink and purple, which means they contrast beautifully against the darker shade of lime green. This colour scheme can work well in any home room and can be used to achieve a casual or glamorous look depending on the style of furnishings and decor you opt for. In a child’s bedroom, use baby pink and lavender in equal measure against a pure white floor and a light yellow wall, for example.

Proper Sofa Selection and Placement

The L-shaped seating also looks more spacious thanks to the open side with no seat. If you have an L-shaped sofa with arms, you can position the arms towards the TV, or the other side of the room, depending on the location of your entertainment centre. As for arranging the seating around the coffee table, you can do it in a U-shape for a more social feel or in a straight line for a more private atmosphere.

  1. When arranging furniture, you must keep balance in mind. When too many visually weighty items are on one side of the room, the entire area appears imbalanced. Sofas take up much visible space since they are huge in scale and require a comparable weight across from them to balance the room. This is why two chairs are frequently positioned right across from a sofa. The chairs work together to counterbalance the weight of the couch.
  2. The sofas are large in size, and their placement can significantly influence the traffic flow in the space. People should never have to walk awkwardly around objects just to pass across a room. There should also be no tripping hazards. It’s critical to leave a couple of feet between the coffee table, the couch, and the chairs. Make a clean route so people can easily stroll from one end of the room to the other.
  3. Sofas have a propensity to be pushed up against the wall. Some rooms require this owing to space constraints. However, in most situations, there is enough room to draw the sofa away from the wall. Try it if this is the situation in your home. It’s remarkable how much difference it makes when the sofa gets some breathing space.
  4. Sofas have a propensity to be pushed up against the wall. Some rooms require this owing to space constraints. However, in most situations, there is enough room to draw the sofa away from the wall. Try it if this is the situation in your home. It’s remarkable how much difference it makes when the sofa gets some breathing space.
  5. If your room has a large window in the front or rear, try putting your sofa across from it to take advantage of the fantastic view and natural architectural element.
  6. The focal point of most rooms with a fireplace is the mantle. Because you should always arrange furniture, so it faces the focal point, a sofa across from a fireplace is ideal.

Separation from the kitchen area

That creates a very cosy, intimate setting. The L-shape creates a bit of separation from the kitchen area, which is good if you have guests who are allergic to cooking smells. It also makes the kitchen a bit more private, which is excellent for entertaining or keeping an eye on the kids playing in the other part of the house. It might be a good layout for you if you have a big family and you all tend to congregate in the kitchen. It allows for a little more space between each family member, which can be excellent for keeping the peace.

The couch is up against one long wall, and the seating in this layout can be chairs, recliners, or even a futon. This layout is also great for a media room if you have a TV that must be against a wall.

L-Shaped Living Room and a corner fireplace

L-shaped interior design is a simple, shared living room design idea. It’s great for larger homes and open floor plans, as it maximises the use of space. It’s also a good choice if the room has a corner fireplace and you want to make the most of the architecture.

  1. It works well with a U-shaped or L-shaped couch or a regular sofa if the main seat faces the fireplace. This setup is perfect for hosting a holiday party, as it offers a cosy environment for your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  2. It’s also an excellent choice if you have a large family, as everyone can be close to one another and have plenty of space. What you need: a U-shaped or L-shaped couch, or a regular couch with the main seat facing the fireplace, throw pillows, rugs or floor mats, blankets, and decorative items.
  3. You can have a fireplace in an inward-facing corner of the space. This position allows for space on the main wall for a series of units that encompass an entertainment system. This would not have been possible if the fireplace had been positioned centrally on the wall. This shows how corner fireplaces can make wall space more usable.
  4. If you like to have the fireplace on an outward-facing corner of the living room, make use of a corner wall that would otherwise have no purpose. The position of this fireplace within the space means that it can be a focal point despite not being in the middle of a wall. It has also freed up the long wall in the room to be used for a range of low units.
  5. You can position a sofa to create a cosy space to sit and enjoy the heat from the fire on cold days and nights. You could place a Woodburner right into the corner of a room, but in this instance, it is slightly removed from the corner to allow people to access the lodge through the glass doors.
  6. If you want to have a classic, traditional corner fireplace, paint it in white to give it a contemporary look that complements the rest of the decor in the room. Corner fireplaces like this are great for directing heat out into the middle of the room, and in this instance, two seating areas have been created close to the fire so that people using them can be kept warm.

Make informal setting arrangements.

For making conversational setting arrangements, you can opt for corner sofas to make the best use of the angles of the room or can select the right spot for the TV so that the guests are facing each other. You can also go in for architecturally stunning pieces of furniture that can be a lovely addition to the room’s aesthetics. However, if you decide to design your living room, it is essential to ensure that the guests are comfortable and can easily communicate with each other.


The L-shaped living room is one of the world’s most common living room designs. The L-shaped sectional can help you embrace your curves in your home; you can use this type of layout to design your living room to embrace your inner curvier. The design is very suitable for small apartments, and it is also a perfect choice for a home for a single person or couple.

You need to have a focal point, something that is the star of the show in the room, such as a fireplace, an entertainment system, or a piece of art. You then design the room so that you have enough space between the focal point and the wall to accommodate the length of the sectional and plan accordingly. You must remember the flow of guests through the room and how they will interact with the furniture layout.

One of the advantages of an L-shaped layout is that it works well in both formal and informal settings. The living room remains the focal point of your home, but it’s a bit more relaxed than a traditional layout.

Choose furniture with low-profile seats to create a more relaxed layout, like a sofa with chaise cushions. Then, add a few pieces of upholstered furniture with patterned fabric.