living room with an open kitchen.

How To Decorate a Living Room with Open Kitchen?

Do you have a small living room with an open-plan kitchen? You might think that combining the two spaces is a no-go. How can you make them feel like separate rooms? It seems like destined to feel like one space. But, as you know, an open-plan kitchen doesn’t mean that everything visible from one space also belongs to it. There are ways to design a small living room and an open-plan kitchen so that they each have their characteristics without feeling too cramped. This blog will teach you how to decorate a living room with an open kitchen.

An open-plan kitchen is excellent for creating a social atmosphere, but it doesn’t have to mean that there isn’t enough space for everyone to move around. Similarly, a small living room doesn’t have to suggest that there isn’t enough room for everyone to sit down. With some creative thinking, you can ensure that everyone feels comfortable in your home. Here are some ideas on how you can do it with these two spaces combined.


Create separation with built-in storage.

Adding storage is one of the easiest ways to make a living room and an open-plan kitchen feel more distinctly separate. It gives the kitchen its area and makes it look cleaner, more precise, and more efficient. You can place built-in storage units to separate the two spaces. In a living room, built-in storage can help separate the room from the kitchen without adding extra furniture. Can also use it to store your electronics, making the living room area even tidier. This guide on decorating a living room with an open kitchen will guide you on how to arrange the furniture in your living room and kitchen to create a spacious and beautiful ambience.

If you have enough space, you can have an island in your kitchen where you can add a bar counter or even a fold-out table.

These are the best spots to have drinks, appetizers, and food instead of having them on the counter. It gives your kitchen the extra space to flow nicely and makes it look more organized. You can also have plants or artwork in the kitchen to give it a more welcoming vibe. You can even store appliances or pots and pans underneath the counter! It can be a great place to enjoy family meals or an area where the kids can do their homework.


Add colour and texture with paint.

Another one of the easiest ways to make a small living room with an open-plan kitchen feel more distinct is with paint. Choose a neutral colour for the walls and a contrasting colour for the floor. If you like the look of open-plan kitchens but don’t want to sacrifice the area in your home that feels like a second living room, consider painting the ceiling a neutral colour so that it has the same presence as the walls. It will immediately divide the space, making it feel more enclosed.

You can also choose your paint wisely. Avoid using a bold colour in a small space, as it will make the room feel smaller. Instead, opt for a more neutral colour that works with the rest of your furniture. It will help create a more spacious feel in your kitchen. Finally, choose a paint colour that suits your home. Alternatively, choose darker hues to create a more intimate and cosy atmosphere. If you are decorating your kitchen with neutrals, choose a light colour that works with a neutral theme.

Gray is a neutral colour that works well in most rooms, so it works well in any space. If you want to add a pop of colour to your living room, you can choose from a broad spectrum of hues, from cool blues to warm oranges. You can even paint the walls of the living room a different colour from the rest of the house.


Install soft flooring.

Sometimes, you need to make the kitchen look more like a living room and less like a kitchen. It can be difficult when you have hardwood or tile flooring. You can use rugs to soften the space, but it can also be helpful to install soft flooring in the kitchen.

Carpet tiles are a great choice to install in the kitchen if you want to add a soft, plush surface to the space. Carpet tiles are easy to install, durable, and affordable. They’re an excellent tile for the kitchen because of their affordability, durability, and soft texture. They are easy to clean and cut to fit the area and come in many different colours and textures. Carpet tiles are available in various styles, colours, and patterns and can be easily customized to fit your design preferences. It is also an excellent option for a living room if you want to soften the look with a nice rug.


Incorporate a feature wall.

Another easy way to make the kitchen stand out as its room is to add a feature wall. Either it is an entire wall, or part of a wall painted a bold, different colour. You can use this to make the kitchen stand out in the small living room. You can use iron curtains to make the space look elegant. You can also hang pictures of the outdoors to bring nature into the house. Not only will these small touches make the small living room feel more extensive, but they will also make the place look stylish.

You can choose a colour that fits the rest of the space or make the feature wall a bold, contrasting colour to make the kitchen stand out. It also works well in a living room that has a large window as a focal point. You can add a bold feature wall behind the couch or other furniture in the room. It can be a great way to add a pop of colour to the space and make it feel more distinct from the rest of the room. 


Add art for visual interest.

Adding art to a wall in a small living room with an open-plan kitchen can add visual interest and make the two spaces feel more distinct. You can use any type of art you like, but something with a bold colour scheme can be a straightforward way to make the two rooms look more distinct.

A pop of bright yellow in one room and something dark in the other room can make them seem like completely different spaces in your home. If you want to use the same bold colours throughout your home, you can easily make those colours pop with a white ceiling or walls.

You can add pictures to the walls or put them in frames and place them on shelves in the living room. You can also use pieces with a specific meaning, like family photos. It can add another layer of importance to the room and make it feel more like home.


Utilize lighting to create contrast.

Another easy way to make a small living room with an open-plan kitchen feel distinct is with lighting. Natural light creates a sense of openness in any space, which will help make the open plan feel more spacious. Remember that artificial light sources don’t create the same sense of transparency as natural light. Therefore, it’s best to choose lighting that mimics the look and feel of natural light, such as flickering candles or dim lighting.

You can use different types of lighting in the living room. You can use a bold colour or pattern, like a colour splash wall behind the couch. You can use multiple lights in the room to give it a brighter and more relaxed look. Make sure the lights are different between the two rooms, though, for a more distinct look. If you have enough space, you can add a chandelier or other lighting fixture to the kitchen.


Add a skylight or at least more windows.

This one is a little more difficult, but it can be helpful if you have ample enough space. You can add a skylight to the living room or, if possible, a larger window that lets in more light and brings in the fresh air. These types of windows allow you to enjoy natural light during the day and provide a cosy place to curl up with a book, blanket, or favourite pet when the sun goes down.

You can install a dimmer switch in your bedroom to control the light that comes in during the day. Reducing the artificial light, you receive during the day will help you get a better night’s sleep. It will prevent you from becoming too tired to relax at bedtime and keep your eyes from becoming strained from staring at a computer or phone screen all day long.

Make sure you use window treatments to block out light when needed, but you can also leave the window open to bring in a fresh breeze. You can also add an open window, but make sure it is not right next to the kitchen. It can help to make the living room feel more relaxed and airy.


Decide on your focal point and only show it.

A living room and an open-plan kitchen can be tricky because they are both open spaces. One easy way to make the two rooms feel more distinct and keep the open layout is to decide on your focal point.

Deciding on a focal point in your home, whether it be a piece of art, a particular piece of furniture, or even a particular colour, will help keep your rooms separate and distinct. Another way to make sure each room in your house feels distinct is to have a different colour scheme in each room. You can do this by painting each room a different colour or by having a separate piece of art in each one. Keeping your home open and spacious will also help to make each room feel distinct.

You can pick one thing in the room that is the most interesting and show it off. It could be a painting, fireplace, or furniture that is the most beautiful and is the room’s focal point.


Hang a rug from the ceiling to create separation.

It is a fun, creative idea to make a small living room with an open-plan kitchen feel more distinct. It’s not for everyone, but it is an exciting way to do it. You can use a rug to make two spaces feel more special. If you have an open-plan living room and kitchen and want to make them feel more like their own rooms, you can use a rug to hang from the ceiling and create a wall between the two spaces. It is one of the most creative ways to make a small living room with an open-plan kitchen feel more distinct. It is undoubtedly an exciting way to do it, and it might be just what you need to make your open-plan space feel more particular and unique.



An open-plan kitchen and living room can be tricky to make distinct, but they can do it. To make the kitchen and living areas feel distinct, use different colours, patterns, and furniture. Kitchen tables should generally be placed against the wall to maintain distance, while can place furniture like couches close to the border to make an ample open space feel smaller. Another way to make the kitchen and living areas feel distinct is with different lighting. This blog on “how to decorate a living room with an open kitchen” will give you ideas on combining the two elements in harmony.

Lighting in the kitchen should generally be dim and relatively low-key, so it does not compete with the main living area, while in the living room, you can use bolder, brighter lighting to make the space feel more open. You can also use different colour schemes in both areas to make them feel distinct. You can use paint to add colour and texture, add a feature wall, or use art to make the room more attractive. It is also helpful to ensure that the two chambers have different lighting. You can use a skylight or large window in the living room and keep the kitchen dimmer. With these tips, you can create two separate rooms that are still open-plan.