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How to Get a Mullet Haircut: A Guide for the Curious

Getting a great mullet haircut isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be either. As with any haircut, you have to get the right one. Getting yourself the right cut is all about knowing your needs in certain situations and finding a hairdresser to meet those needs. That means you have to be prepared for experiments. Keep track of what you like, so you can find another place to get it done in the future, and know when something is just not working for you. One of the best things about getting a mullet haircut is that there are many different ways to go about it. That means there are countless ways of looking at this hairstyle. You don’t have to stick with the same thing no matter how many people ask you about it or how many times you see others rocking it on Instagram or YouTube. It’s an opportunity for reinvention! To learn more about these various styles, check out our article on how to get a mullet haircut.


What is a Mullet Haircut?

The mullet haircut is one of the oldest men’s hairstyles. It’s been around for centuries. The mullet haircut was initially called the “Jesus cut” and “bald pate” because priests wore it in the Middle Ages. It’s got many variations, and you can find it worldwide thanks to hairstyles that have become cultural symbols of certain ethnic groups. There are different ways to wear a mullet. You can wear a short mullet, a medium-length mullet, or even a long mullet. The most common mullet haircut is about two inches long on both sides and about an inch long on the top. The mullet is a low-maintenance hairstyle. You only need to comb it back every day or two to keep it neat.
There are many different ways to style this haircut and even more variations of the style itself. When it comes to the haircut itself, a mullet is when hair is cut short on the top and sides and then grows out on the crown and back of the head. It can style you in several ways, but a mullet is at its core. Both men and women can wear this hairstyle, which is most associated with skaters, surfers, and rappers. Mullets come in a variety of lengths, from short to long. Some mullet guys like to cut their hair short and then let it grow again to add length. In terms of hair type, you can create mullet with layered or wavy hair.
If your hair is straight or has a smooth texture, you will want to consider another hairstyle. Mullets are a great hairstyle for guys with medium-to-thick hair because they will look full and bulky. The mullet hairstyle is versatile; you can wear many different types of clothing, from business suits to jeans.


How to Get a Mullet Haircut?

When it comes to getting an excellent mullet haircut, the best thing you can do is get some ideas from other people, your friends, and primarily online. On social media, hairdressers and barbers share photos of their haircuts, and customers can post pictures of the haircuts they’ve gotten. It means you can find inspiration from other people’s hairstyles, hairdressers’ portfolios, and feedback about what you should be looking for. Websites like Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube will allow you to see different hairstyles and cut ideas that might work for you. You can also browse through various hairstyle galleries on Google and find some great mullet haircuts. It will allow you to see a lot of different types of mullet haircuts and find one that you like.
Another great way to get an excellent mullet haircut is to take inspiration from celebrities’ pictures. You can find many images of celebrities with mullets on the internet. It will allow you to see a lot of different hairstyles that stars might have and get some ideas from these pictures. Another great way to get great mullet haircuts is to ask a barber for advice. A barbershop is the best place to get a lot of advice from other people who have had different haircuts, and this is something that you can do as a mullet haircut. Lastly, you can also ask your friends for help. These are some of the best ways to get an excellent mullet haircut, and you can use any of these to get the haircut you want.


Ask for a “Mullet” haircut

Are you wondering how to get a mullet? There are many online tutorials and guides that can help you achieve the perfect mullet hairstyle. If you want a mullet haircut but aren’t sure if you even want to commit to it, you can ask your barber to cut your hair short on the sides, leave the top long, and call it a mullet. That way, you aren’t deciding right then and there about something you may change your mind about. It is a great way to try out a mullet haircut without committing to it, and it is especially a great option for someone who isn’t sure about getting a mullet in the first place.
For the barber willing to go this route, it’s important to let them know you don’t want a mullet haircut and just wants the sides and top cut short. Make sure you ask them what they think about the haircut to know where you stand. If your stylist isn’t into the idea, tell them why you aren’t sure about it. This way, you can get a haircut that is right for you and still figure out if you like mullets at all. Another thing you can do is ask your barber to make a fauxhawk out of your mullet. With this style, your hair won’t just be on one side; it will be on both sides. It will help you get a mullet haircut without having to worry about the length of it.


How to style your mullet?

To maintain a polished and well-groomed appearance, it’s crucial to style your mullet properly. Whether you like a sleek, structured look or a tousled, textured style, the right styling product can help you achieve it. Choosing the suitable styling product based on your hair type and desired style can make a considerable difference in how long your mullet lasts. Moreover, selecting the appropriate outfit that complements your haircut can enhance your overall style and appearance.

Benefits and Uses of Pomades

  • Provides a glossy, moist appearance.
  • Maintains a flexible hold.
  • Ideal for shorter, texturized styles or sleek, well-groomed styles.
  • Not recommended for fine hair.
  • Suitable for long hair for separation and shine.
  • Must-have for those with mullet hairstyles.
  • Lasts longer than most hair care products and requires several washes to remove.

Benefits and Uses of Hair Wax

  • Thick styling product that contains wax to hold the hair in place.
  • Does not contain alcohol and remains malleable.
  • Ideal for adding shine and control to short haircuts.
  • Suitable for managing very thick hair.
  • Comparable to pomades but with a firmer grip.
  • Choosing the right outfit can elevate a man’s style.

Benefits and Uses of Mud Fibre

  • Lightweight fibre mud for all curls and natural wave hair.
  • Ideal for adding texture to short, tousled styles and separation to lengthy kinds.
  • Non-glossy, matte appearance.
  • Adds volume and structure to hair for a clean, crispy-free look.
  • Suitable for buttoned-up or wacky nut-job styles.
  • Hair should be dehydrated before use.
  • Apply a small amount of product to the palm and massage until it heats up.
  • Work product through hair from ends to roots.

Benefits and Uses of Gel

  • Best choice for achieving a wet, sleek appearance.
  • Quality gels allow for a comb-through and structured, dry look.
  • A hard-hold gel is recommended for fine hair.
  • Cheap supermarket gels tend to shatter and flake off.
  • Ideal for styling mullets.

Benefits and Uses of Styling Cream

  • Lighter finish with some gloss.
  • Reduces flyaways and neatens short styles.
  • Suitable for styling mullets.
  • Provides a natural and firm hold with technologically-advanced ingredients for shine, definition, and texture.
  • Perfect for men who want something in their hair without it being noticeable.


How to Maintain your Mullet?

The mullet is all about maintenance and grooming. For those with curly or wavy hair, the help of stylers can keep your mullet cut in check. When the hair tends to grow out a bit, it won’t look too obvious.

  • The contrast of styled bangs and unstyled backs is the best part of this hairstyle, making it a popular choice.
  • After washing your hair, avoid rubbing it vigorously with a towel to prevent damage to the outer layers and split ends. Gently caress your hair to remove excess water instead.
  • Hot showers can be damaging to your hair by stripping it of essential oils. Allow your hair to air dry or use a hairdryer on low heat and keep your hair slightly damp.
  • The long curly mullet is a challenging yet bold hairstyle perfect for the summer season. Use curl-defining lotion to maintain bouncy curls.
  • Avoid comb-overs to cover thinning hair and opt for a haircut that complements your hair type. A straight mullet is a great option for those with thin hair as it enhances its natural straightness.


Various Types of Mullet Hairstyles

there are many kinds of mullets, with variations in length, texture, and styling. Some popular types of mullets include the classic mullet, shaggy mullet, curly mullet, short mullet, long mullet, business in the front, party in the back mullet, and punk-inspired mullet. Each type of mullet has its own unique characteristics and requires a different approach to styling and maintenance. It’s essential to choose a mullet style that fits your hair type, face shape, and personal preferences to get the best results.

  1. Classic mullet: The classic mullet typically features shorter hair on the top and sides of the head, with long hair in the back. The length of the hair can vary, but it usually extends to the shoulders or beyond. The hair is typically layered, with a shaggy, textured appearance. The classic mullet often includes bangs that are swept to the side, and the hair in the back may be teased or feathered for added volume. Overall, the classic mullet has a distinctive and recognizable appearance. The classic mullet often has a pompadour style.
  2. Shaggy mullet: A shaggy mullet typically features longer, layered hair that is heavily textured with choppy, jagged ends. The hair in the back of the head is typically longer and gradually gets shorter towards the front, creating a layered look that is perfect for those who want a more relaxed and casual hairstyle. The shaggy mullet is often styled with a messy, tousled appearance, and may include bangs or fringe that are swept to the side. Overall, the shaggy mullet gives off a carefree and slightly rebellious vibe.
  3. Curly mullet: A curly mullet typically features longer hair at the back that is curly or wavy, while the hair at the top and sides is shorter. The curly texture adds volume and movement to the style, and the contrast between the longer back and shorter top and sides create a distinct look. The curls can range from loose waves to tight coils, and the overall appearance can be tousled and messy or more defined and structured. A curly mullet is a bold and unique hairstyle that requires maintenance and styling to keep the curls looking their best.
  4. Wavy mullet: A wavy mullet typically features longer hair in the back that is left unstyled or styled with loose, natural waves. The hair on top and in the front may be shorter and styled in a way that complements the natural waves in the back. This style often has a relaxed, laid-back appearance and can work well for those with naturally wavy or curly hair.
  5. Business in the front, party in the back: The “business in the front, party in the back” mullet typically features short hair on the top and sides of the head, with long hair in the back. The longer hair in the back is often styled in a wild, curly, or wavy fashion, while the shorter hair in the front is neat and tidy, giving the appearance of a professional or business-like haircut. This creates a stark contrast between the two sections of hair, hence the nickname “business in the front, party in the back.”
  6. Rat tail: The Rat tail mullet is a variation of the classic mullet hairstyle that features a long, thin section of hair at the nape of the neck, resembling a rat’s tail. This style typically has shorter hair on top and longer hair in the back, with the rat tail section, left uncut and hanging down below the rest of the hair. The overall look can vary depending on the length and thickness of the hair, but the rat tail section is typically kept straight and narrow, often tied or braided for a more dramatic effect.
  7. Modern mullet: The modern mullet typically features shorter hair on the top and sides with longer hair in the back. The length and texture of the hair can vary, but the overall style tends to be more subdued and less extreme compared to classic mullets. It can also incorporate modern hair trends, such as fades or textured layers. The modern mullet is often styled with a messy, tousled look or a sleek, shiny finish, depending on personal preference.
  8. Punk mullet: A punk mullet typically features a shorter length on the top and sides of the head, with long hair in the back. The hair may be heavily layered and styled to create a tousled, messy appearance, with spikes or a Mohawk on the top. It may be dyed in bold, bright colours or have shaved sections. Overall, the punk mullet is a bold and edgy hairstyle that reflects the rebellious spirit of punk culture.



Mullets are a hairstyle that has been around for centuries, and there are plenty of different variations on the theme. For example, the low-maintenance Blonde Mullet involves bleaching the roots and cutting the hair on the sides. Alternatively, there is the curly mullet, where the hair is left as natural as possible to resemble a curly hairstyle. There is even the Short-Skipped Mullet, a short style with long sides. If you want your mullet to stand out, you might consider choosing one with a colour, length, or style variation that nobody else has. Have fun with your mullet, and experiment to find the one that suits you best!
Some people may find mullets fashionable and stylish, while others may not prefer the look. Ultimately, the best hairstyle is one that makes an individual feel confident and comfortable. Once you know what kind of mullet you want, it is essential to ensure that the person cutting your hair also knows what you want. Keep reading to find out how to get a mullet haircut, how to get the right haircut, and how to get the best haircut. From there, you will be well on your way to getting a great haircut that you love and looks great on you.