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Best Hairstyles for Round-Faced Men

To nail the ideal haircut, you need to know your face shape. It’s not completely true that guys with round faces get shortchanged when it comes to haircuts compared to those with square or oval faces. Once you figure out which looks suit suits a round face, you’ll have plenty of options. Aim to add height to your hair but keep it light – this gives your face depth and pulls together your whole look! This blog post is going to show you some top-notch styles for men with round faces.

Some people mistakenly believe having a round face is a disadvantage; it’s simply not the case. Although round faces may seem similar to squares, they actually don’t have sharp angles and possess softer curves instead. If you pick a haircut that suits a round face, it can really make you stand out. Your hairstyle can also give you a fresh, youthful vibe that’s sure to turn heads. The key is finding a cut that balances your face’s symmetry.

It might seem tough, but finding fashionable cuts for dudes with chubby cheeks is easier than it sounds. While picking out the perfect do for your circular mug might be tough, we’ve put together some pointers to steer you toward the best long or short styles for the look you want.


How to Determine a Round Face

Before you decide on the best haircut for guys with round faces, make sure you know your face shape. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror to determine this. If your face seems oval, you’ll see it’s pretty much equal in length and width, with edges that are gently rounded.

Got a square face? Then your face’s size and width will look alike, but you’ll have sharp, clear-cut corners. Heart-shaped means your forehead’s wider than your jawline and chin, plus you’ve got some noticeable cheekbones hanging out there. And if it’s diamond-shaped we’re talking about, your hair length should balance out your facial dimensions.

A round face will have close measurements from top to bottom and side to side, with soft features and almost no hard angles. Guys with rounder faces might miss out on that sculpted jawline or bold cheekbones. Instead, if that’s you, your cheeks stand out as the broadest part of your mug, with a pretty ample forehead to match and a gently curved chin.


What Hairstyles to Avoid?

When you have a round face, there are certain hairdos to steer clear of and some to go for. A round face often looks broad, so try to increase the volume without your hair looking all over the place. You want more height, not bulkiness. Sidestep middle parts and long strands that hit at your temples because they make your face look wider. If you’re into long locks, keep them above your shoulders; letting them grow past can beef up your appearance.
Long hair usually doesn’t suit a round face too well. Also, if you’re a fan of long tresses, try not to let them go past the neckline. And forget about buzz cuts—they only highlight roundness. Don’t part your hair in the middle—it’ll stretch your face out sideways visually. The best bet for a rounder face is a style that pumps up the volume up top while keeping the sides neat and closer to your head, giving your mug more definition.

What Hairstyles Should You Go For?

Check out these top haircuts for guys with round faces. They’re great for sparking some ideas. It’s smart to bring along a photo to show your stylist exactly what you’re aiming for. This helps you get the cut you want. Still, be open to advice from your barber or hairdresser once you’re there. They might point out options that haven’t crossed your mind.


The Side-Parted Look

The Side-Parted Hairstyle Look
The Side-Parted Hairstyle Look

If you have a round face, it tends to look soft and youthful. To make it look more defined, try adding some angles to your haircut. A side part is a great way to do this. It will help your face look older and give it the shape it needs. A side part can also make wide cheeks seem less noticeable because it pulls attention to the side of your face instead of the centre. Plus, this hairstyle is easy to keep up and works for different occasions. You won’t have to fuss much about it, and it still looks neat and professional. Being popular with men in their twenties and thirties, the side part isn’t just trendy—it’s often seen with people doing well financially. Many people—around six out of ten—think this style screams professionalism; they see it as a sign that someone’s trustworthy, confident, organized, and ready to lead. High-powered industries like banking, law, and medicine are packed with professionals sporting the side part.


The Pompadour

A man with pompadour hairstyle
A man with pompadour hairstyle

The pompadour is one of the most popular hairdos for round-faced men. This style makes a round face seem more oval, thanks to added height and fullness on top. Coupling it with shorter cuts or sleek styles on the sides helps slim the face’s appearance. The pompadour isn’t just any hairstyle; it’s an absolute sensation in men’s fashion. Today’s version puts a new twist on the classic look, blending its time-honoured shape with sharp, modern cuts that showcase the artistry of contemporary hairstyling.

Adding a skin fade or a drop fade can turn up the wow factor, giving this traditional cut a current edge while keeping its familiar shape.

The Undercut

A back view of a man with an undercut hairstyle
A back view of a man with an undercut hairstyle

One of the best hairstyles for round-faced men is the undercut, which makes your face appear slimmer due to the short sides. The undercut has a similar effect to the pompadour. As the pompadour elongates your face’s appearance by adding extra height to the top of your hair, the undercut has a similar effect by reducing its width. You can side-part it for a more angular look or keep it short and simple for a more casual look. You are also free to style the top of your hair as you wish.

The appeal of the undercut is undeniably its edginess and on-trend appearance, but it’s also a style that is no longer exclusive to the younger generation. The undercut was very popular with fashionable people in the 1920s and 1930s. The undercut is now worn by some of the world’s most famous men, including David Beckham and Nick Wooster.


Messy Waves

A man with messy waves
A man with messy waves

Messy waves can disguise a round face nicely. It’s like the tousled look you have first thing in the morning. When styling, pull your hair forward to cover the sides of your face for the full effect.
A messy ‘do is unmatched for a carefree, easy style when you’re out and about. Messy hair aims to add volume and waves. Lately, it’s been all the rage because every guy can find a messy cut that suits him, whether he has curls or straight hair, short or long. This style is so popular that bad hair days are becoming a thing of the past. However, not every man can nail the messy look without help. Often, you got to use the right products to achieve this style.


Spiky Hair

A man with spiky hairstyle
A man with a spiky hairstyle

Going for a spiky haircut is a smart move to give your face more oomph, particularly with short locks. Those spikes will lift the appearance of your face, giving it a sharp vibe. They’re pretty good at evening out the look of a round face too, adding angles where you need them. Spikes are even better when paired with a skin fade. Slap on a beard, and you’ve nailed that fresh, cutting-edge style.

Keep the sides tight and let the top rock out a bit longer. Right now, the temple owns the scene for that natural mane. Want to up your game? Slather on some gel up top, yank those strands sky-high and bam—you’re rocking some ultra-cool short spikes.


The Faux Hawk Look


A man with faux hawk hairstyle
A man with a faux hawk hairstyle

The “faux hawk” is a trendy haircut for men that features short sides and longer hair on top. It’ll make your hair look fuller and taller. It’s an excellent choice if you’ve got a round face and are up for something fresh. This cut gives you a sharp, mohawk-like vibe that’s both cool and sharp-looking. To nail this style, make sure to use top-notch styling products. A Faux Hawk can give a round face more of an edgy, angled shape, and it’s part of the bigger mullet hairstyle family.

People might prefer the faux hawk because it’s stylish yet still fits into formal or professional settings. In short, the fauxhawk is a haircut that suits many occasions and represents modern masculinity quite well.


The Classic Curls

A man with classic curls hairstyle
A man with the classic curls hairstyle

If you prefer classic hairstyles, slick curls are the way to go. With classic, slick curls, your hair is equally balanced on your entire head and is compatible with a round face. A light beard also adds a cool touch to this style, thus creating an overall attractive appearance. Curly hair can be difficult to style unless you find the perfect haircut and styling products. When that happens, you’ll never be unhappy with your curly hair again. If you are certain that curls do not suit you, you can always get an especially short haircut. Still, you at least attempt a short haircut with tapered sides, potentially undercuts, or explore short-to-medium styles. Some males are perfectly content with their medium curls and will never cut them off.

Frequently Asked Questions



Your hairstyle can change how you look. Guys with round faces need haircuts that are slim, and long, and add angles to their faces. Round faces don’t have an oval’s symmetry, a square’s edgy jawline, or the pointed chin of heart-shaped faces. A sharp haircut is essential to enhance what’s missing. But don’t think for a second that a round face limits your options- that’s simply not true.

Those hairdos work like a charm for men with round faces. The top-notch styles for guys with circular facial features show there are heaps of cool cuts to pick that flatter a round face. The game plan is to single out the shape and traits of your face, then snag a haircut that suits you. Fancy a classic, modern, or on-the-edge vibe? If you’ve got a round face, there are killer styles out there waiting for you.