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Best Hairstyles for Round-Faced Men

The key to the perfect hairstyle is to identify your face shape. A common understanding is that men with rounded faces have fewer hairstyle options than men with square or oval-shaped faces. It is not entirely true that if you have a round face, you should avoid certain stylistic elements. However, once you’ve figured out which styles work best for a round face, you’ll have many hairdo alternatives. The trick here is to add volume to your hair while avoiding excessive weight. The book will add dimension to your face and make the whole appearance work! This blog will provide the best hairstyles for round-faced men.

A common misunderstanding is that a round face is unattractive. Although round faces resemble squares, they lack angular features and soft edges. Choosing a hairstyle that flatters a round face will significantly improve your appearance. You can use your hair to create a youthful appearance that will undoubtedly attract attention. On the other hand, finding a hairstyle that complements the equal dimensions is crucial.

Finding trendy haircuts for males with round faces is simpler than you think. Round-faced men may have more difficulty picking a good haircut for their face shape. We’ve developed a guide to help you find the right long or short haircut for your desired look.


How to Determine a Round Face

Before choosing the best hairstyles for round-faced men, identify your face’s shape correctly. Prepare to examine your face shape in the mirror. If you have an oval face shape, you’ll notice that the length and width of your face are nearly equal, and the edges have a slight curve. The size and width of your face are similar, while the edges are angular and defined if you have a square face shape. If you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead is more comprehensive than your jawline and chin. You have prominent cheekbones as well. If you have a diamond-shaped look, the length of your hair should match the size of your face. Round faces usually have similar measurements in length and width wise. They also have softer features and very few sharp angles. So, a man with a round face might not have an incredibly chiselled jawline or strong cheekbones. If you have a round face, your cheekbones will be the widest part of your face, your forehead will appear more prominent, and you will have a smooth, non-angular chin.


What Hairstyles to Avoid?

If you have a round face, you should avoid some styling aspects while embracing others. As round faces are usually broad, the goal is to add volume without making your hair seem messy. The objective is to increase volume while minimising bulk. Avoid centre portions and long hair that reach the temples since they add breadth to the face. If you enjoy long hair, don’t go too long because it will add capacity. Long hair is probably not the best option for this face shape. If you like long hair, avoid growing it below the neckline. Buzz cuts are not recommended either, as they enhance the roundedness of one’s face. The middle parting should also be avoided since it makes your face appear wider. The ideal option for rounded faces is hairstyles that add sufficient volume to the top of the head while the sides remain trim. This will enhance the definition of your face.


What Hairstyles Should You Go For?

Here are some of the best hairstyles for round-faced men. Do refer to these for inspiration. You can always take a picture and take it to the salon when getting a haircut. This way, the barber will know what you want and get accurate results. But remember, when at the salon, also listen to your barber or hairstylist for recommendations, as they can suggest something you might miss out on.


The Side-Parted Look

The Side-Parted Hairstyle Look
The Side-Parted Hairstyle Look

As round faces have softer curves, they usually appear undefined and baby-faced. To counter this, you can add angles to your haircut. An excellent way to do this is through a side part. Parting your hair will make your face seem more mature and give it the shape it requires. The side part will also balance out the broad cheekbones, as it will draw the onlooker’s eyes to one side of your face rather than the middle. The side-parted look is also easy to maintain and versatile. You don’t require much styling effort and get a classic, professional look. The side part, a traditional and adaptable style, is not only one of today’s most popular trends among men in their twenties and thirties but also carried by one of the most financially successful. For good reasons, six out of ten people associate this style with professionalism, and it is also associated with being trustworthy, confident, organised, and capable of leadership. Furthermore, the side half is closely related to high-profile businesses like banking, law, and medicine.


The Pompadour

A man with pompadour hairstyle
A man with pompadour hairstyle

The pompadour is one of the most popular hairdos for round-faced men. The pompadour helps elongate a round face, giving it a more flattering oval appearance. It creates extra height and volume at the top of the head, making the round face appear longer than it is. It is matched with shorter or slicked-back hair on the sides of the head to cut out the width. The pompadour is an iconic hairstyle and is considered one of the coolest. The modern pompadour is a fresh spin on one of the most famous hairstyles. This modernised haircut combines the most significant elements of the classic pompadour with the crisp, razor-sharp sculpting that has come to define contemporary barbering.

A skin fades or drop fade may work well for a stunning aesthetic, giving this classic trim a modern appeal while preserving much of the original contour.


The Undercut

A back view of a man with an undercut hairstyle
A back view of a man with an undercut hairstyle

One of the best hairstyles for round-faced men is the undercut, which makes your face appear slimmer due to the short sides. The undercut has a similar effect to the pompadour. As the pompadour elongates your face’s appearance by adding extra height to the top of your hair, the undercut has a similar effect by reducing its width. You can side-part it for a more angular look or keep it short and simple for a more casual look. You are also free to style the top of your hair as you wish.

The appeal of the undercut is undeniably its edginess and on-trend appearance, but it’s also a style that is no longer exclusive to the younger generation. The undercut was very popular with fashionable people in the 1920s and 1930s. The undercut is now worn by some of the world’s most famous men, including David Beckham and Nick Wooster.


Messy Waves

A man with messy waves
A man with messy waves

The messy waves are a fun hairstyle that can perfectly muffle a round face’s appearance. It is similar to the shabby, cluttered look you naturally get when you wake up. When creating this look, remember to keep the strands of your hair styled forward to subdue the sides of your face. It will produce the best results.

Nothing beats a messy hairstyle for a casual, low-maintenance, on-the-go appearance. The goal of a messy hairstyle is to make your hair seem voluminous with more waves. Recently, hairstyle has become so popular because there’s a messy hairstyle for every man out there, from curls to fringes, short to long. This haircut is appealing enough to ensure you will not have another terrible hair day. While untidy hairstyles are fashionable and easy-going, not all guys can pull them off. You may need to use the correct products to get this appearance.


Spiky Hair

A man with spiky hairstyle
A man with a spiky hairstyle

A spiky hairstyle is also an excellent way to add volume to your face, especially if you have short hair. The spikes will heighten your face and create an edgy look. It will also balance the width of a round-faced shape, making your face look more angular. Spiky haircuts also work well with a bald fade. Adding a beard to the style can give it a modern, edgy feel.

Hair on the sides of the head should be kept shorter than hair in the centre. The temple fade is a trendy current look for natural hair. If you apply some hair gel on top and run your fingers through your hair upward, you may simply transform your sophisticated hairdo into extremely short, stylish spikes.


The Faux Hawk Look


A man with faux hawk hairstyle
A man with a faux hawk hairstyle

An extremely popular haircut for men, the “faux hawk” look consists of tapered hair on the sides with longer hair in the centre of your head. It adds dimension and height to your hair. If you have a round-faced shape and want to try something new, the Faux Hawk look is a great way to do it. This haircut creates a pointed mohawk-style appearance that is modern and edgy. If you get this haircut, use an excellent styling product for the perfect look. The Faux Hawk for round faces makes a face look more angular and is a part of the mullet hairstyle.

The explanation might be that the faux hawk hairstyle is trendy and agitated yet still appropriate for a formal or expert workplace situation. Finally, the fauxhawk light is a versatile and appealing men’s haircut that embodies current manliness.


The Classic Curls

A man with classic curls hairstyle
A man with classic curls hairstyle

If you prefer classic hairstyles, slick curls are the way to go. With classic, slick curls, your hair is equally balanced on your entire head and is compatible with a round face. A light beard also adds a cool touch to this style, thus creating an overall attractive appearance. Curly hair can be difficult to style unless you find the perfect haircut and styling products. When that happens, you’ll never be unhappy with your curly hair again. If you are certain that curls do not suit you, you can always get an especially short haircut. Still, you at least attempt a short haircut with tapered sides, potentially undercuts, or explore short-to-medium styles. Some males are perfectly content with their medium curls and will never cut them off.


Frequently Asked Questions



Your haircut may make or break your appearance. Haircuts for men with round faces should be slim, and long, and create angles around the face. Round faces lack the balance of oval faces, the sharpness of square faces, and the pointed chin of heart-shaped faces. A good haircut is required to fill in the gaps. But, if you think that having a round face means you can’t wear most haircuts, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong.

The above haircuts are ideal for men with round faces. These best hairstyles for round-faced men show us many stylish hairstyles to choose from that complement the round face. The strategy here is to clearly define your face shape and facial characteristics and then choose an appropriate hairstyle. Whether you like classic, modern, or edgy looks, if you have a round face, it’s always possible to find the perfect hairstyle for yourself.