Big Ben tower in London

Top Places to Visit in London

Are you planning a trip to London, but want to find the best places to visit first? Then look no further! Discover the top places to visit in London and experience this vibrant city like a local! London is a city filled with rich history, culture, and fantastic sights. From iconic landmarks to hip and trendy districts, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant metropolis. Whether you’re looking for festivals, shopping centres, or architectural wonders, this city has it all. No matter what your interests are, London has something amazing waiting for you. To help you make the most of your time in town, here are some of the top places to visit in London.

London’s Great Streets is a tour of some of the most famous and historic streets in the city, including Piccadilly Circus, Knightsbridge, and Covent Garden. The tour takes you on a walking tour of each street, stopping at interesting places along the way. You’ll learn about the history of these streets, as well as how they’ve been used over the years. This is an excellent way to get a feel for London and its neighbourhoods—and it’s sure to make your day!


Top places to visit in London

There are so many things to do in London, it’s hard to choose just one place to stay. Some of the top places to visit in London include Westminster Abbey and Shepherds Bush Green. Battersea Power Station is also a great spot to visit if you’re looking for an adventure.

Buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace is recognized around the world as the home of Queen Elizabeth II, the focus of national and royal celebrations, as well as the backdrop to the regular Changing of Guard ceremony. As such, it’s no surprise that this historic building has become a popular tourist attraction in London. Today visitors can get an idea of what life was like in those times by visiting one of two museums located within Buckingham Palace: The Queen’s Gallery and The Royal Ceremonial Endeavour Centre (RCEC). From Friday, 14th July to Sunday, 24th September in 2023, the grand State Rooms will be open for guided tours during winter and spring, and for 10 weeks throughout the summer. You can book your tour through their website,

Buckingham Palace, London, UK
Buckingham Palace, London, UK

London Eye

The London Eye is a massive Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames, in London. It stands at a height of 135 meters (443 ft), making it the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world; observers can see up to 25 miles (40 km) on clear days. The structure also holds two world records: for being the tallest ferries wheel in Europe and for having the most passengers per rotation. Along with being a popular tourist attraction, it has become an iconic symbol of London and England. With 32 air-conditioned capsules each taking up to 25 people for a 30-minute rotation, it’s an exciting way to see London from a unique perspective.

London eye, Millennium Wheel
London eye, Millennium Wheel

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historic castle located on the north bank of the river Thames in central London. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and offers visitors a chance to explore its 900-year history, viewing priceless artifacts and hearing tales of brave knights and historic events. The Tower of London is one of the most iconic British monuments. Dating back to 1078, this historic castle has served as a royal palace, prison, and even an execution site. Today, its walls are a reminder of the turbulent history behind it. Its many attractions – from Yeoman warder tours to Crown Jewels exhibits – draw in tourists from all over the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the must-see sights in London.

Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom
Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in London, England, and is an iconic part of the city’s skyline. St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most recognizable landmarks in London, and it is a popular tourist destination for travellers from around the world. Built-in the 17th century, it has withstood major disasters such as The Great Fire of 1666 and both World Wars. St. Paul’s is home to some of the country’s most important monuments and artworks, including an iconic dome that stands tall over the heart of London. It also offers a fascinating history, as well as showcasing some of the city’s best views from its rooftop terrace.

St Paul's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom
St Paul’s Cathedral, London, United Kingdom

The British Museum

The British Museum is located in London, England. It’s situated on Great Russell Street in Bloomsbury and is one of the world’s largest and most visited museums. The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts from around the world, spanning both ancient and modern history.

The British Museum is a world-renowned tourist attraction, offering visitors the chance to explore over two million years of human history through its expansive collection. From iconic artifacts like the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon Marbles to interactive exhibitions, exhibits, and displays, the British Museum has something for everyone and is sure to leave an unforgettable impression.

The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, UK
The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, UK

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a large, mainly Gothic church in London that is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English monarchs. The abbey is located in Westminster, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster and across from St Margaret’s Church.

Westminster Abbey is an iconic Gothic church located in London, England. First built in 1042, it has been home to 16 royal weddings and the site of 16 royal coronations. It is also one of the most important churches in Britain and a symbol of national pride. Today, it is still used for important ritual events such as Royal Jubilees and state services.

Westminster, London, United Kingdom
Westminster, London, United Kingdom

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square, London. The National Gallery in London houses one of the greatest collections of Western European paintings in the world, from the Middle Ages to the present times. The collection includes works from renowned artists like Titian, da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Turner. Its spectacular architecture adds to its appeal as one of the must-visit galleries in London. Visitors can discover historic galleries, special exhibitions, and events throughout the year.

National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London, UK
National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London, UK

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and can be found on the River Thames between the City of London and Southwark. It is close to the Tower of London, from which it takes its name, and links the West End with Docklands in East London. Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and a historic symbol of the city. It was opened in 1894 as an undergoing feat of engineering, featuring two towers and two striking bascules that were built to allow ships to pass through. Now a listed monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tower Bridge offers visitors stunning views both day and night.

Tower Bridge of London
Tower Bridge of London

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of London’s premier parks, located in the City of Westminster. With over 142 hectares (350 acres) of grassland, lakes and trees, Hyde Park is an ideal city park for relaxation and recreation. It’s a great place for activities like running, cycling and picnicking, as well as featuring iconic attractions such as Speaker’s Corner, the Serpentine Lake and the Diana Memorial Playground.

Hyde Park, London, UK
Hyde Park, London, UK

Big Ben

Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the striking clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London and is usually extended to refer to both the clock and the clock tower. It is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and has since become an international symbol for Britain.

Big Ben during Nighttime
Big Ben during Nighttime

The Natural History Museum

Located in the heart of London, the Natural History Museum offers one of the city’s most treasured attractions for science enthusiasts of all ages. From dinosaurs and mammals to minerals, whale skeletons, and more, visitors can explore millions of years’ worth of zoological and geological specimens from around the world. Step into a world filled with discovery and wonder as you explore the museum’s hidden gems and uncover stories from our planet’s past.

The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, UK
The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, UK

The Shard

The Shard is a 95-story skyscraper in London that is home to premium residences, restaurants, and offices. Standing at 1,004 feet tall, it is the tallest building in the European Union and the second tallest building in Europe. The Shard also offers spectacular views over London from public viewing galleries located on Levels 72 and 73.

The Shard, London, UK
The Shard, London, UK

London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum is a museum that celebrates the past, present, and future of public transport in London. Located in Covent Garden, the museum has over five million objects related to London’s transport system, including buses, trains, trams, and riverboats. Visitors can also explore interactive displays and get creative with hands-on activities such as bus or train driving simulations.

Sky Garden

Sky Garden is an award-winning public garden and observation deck located at the top of the iconic Walkie-Talkie building in the heart of London. This hidden gem offers a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the city and its attractions spread across 35 floors, including views of Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, and the river Thames. With terraces, pergolas, botanic gardens, restaurants, and bars – it is a one-stop destination with something for everyone to enjoy.

Greenwich Park

London is famous for its parks and gardens. There are more than 300 of them in London, ranging from tiny squares to huge green spaces like Hyde Park and Regent’s Park. The most famous park in London is probably Greenwich Park (also known as The Royal Borough of Greenwich). Greenwich Park is one of the most popular destinations for locals and visitors alike. For those interested in history or architecture, there are plenty of structures to see. The most notable structure is the Royal Observatory.

Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park, London


What are Great Streets in London?

The street name in London is usually given to one of the most famous and historic streets in the city. Some of the most well-known Great Streets include Bond Street, Holborn Market, Charing Cross Road, Tottenham Court Road, and Covent Garden Avenue.

  1. Oxford Street: Oxford Street is famously known for being a bustling shopping destination and one of London’s most popular tourist attractions. Oxford Street is lined with an array of designer stores, high street fashion outlets, and department stores like Selfridges and John Lewis. It is also well-known for its iconic flagship stores such as the infamous HMV which was for many years located directly on Oxford Street.
  2. Regent Street: Regent Street is known for its luxury shopping, trendy fashion, and exclusive restaurants. It has been home to some of London’s most famous retailers, such as Debenhams and Liberty of London. It is also a popular destination for tourists who come to experience the vibrant and stylish atmosphere that Regent Street has to offer.
  3. Covent Garden: Covent Garden is an area in Central London known for its vibrant market, shopping street, and top-notch entertainment. It is also home to world-renowned theatre houses and restaurants that draw visitors from all around the globe. Covent Garden is a great place to visit for unique shops, fresh produce from the local market stalls, street performers, cultural events and activities.
  4. Bond Street: Bond Street is an upmarket shopping street in London, England, noted for its two major department stores and other luxury retailers, as well as its numerous famous restaurants and bars. The street’s name comes from a 17th-century builder called Thomas Bond who built the original market on this street. Today it is one of the most exclusive streets in London, renowned for its designer shops, luxury goods and specialist services.
  5. Piccadilly Circus: Piccadilly Circus is a bustling London landmark known for its iconic Shaftesbury Memorial fountain and neon signs. It’s the meeting point of five major roads and a transportation hub, with buses and Underground trains shuttling commuters. Asa popular tourist spot, it bustles with an array of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. Piccadilly Circus is credited as being one of the first places to have electrical advertising boards.
  6. Tottenham Court Road is an area located within the London Borough of Camden, England. It is known for its abundance of shops, restaurants, coffee houses and pubs. The road itself is renowned for being one of London’s main shopping destinations, with many well-known stores from technology giants Apple to furniture retailer Habitat located along it. Additionally, the street hosts a variety of independent outlets such as art galleries and vintage clothing boutiques.


How to Get a Good Tour of London?

If you want to get a good tour of London’s great streets, start by planning your itinerary and choosing the right guide. A Tour guide can help you plan and arrange tours that cover all the important historical sights and districts in London. There are many great Tours options out there, so be sure to choose one that will fit your needs and interests.

Get a Tour guide

When it comes to finding a good Tour guide for your trip to London, don’t go cheap. You’ll be spending a lot of time walking around the city, so make sure your Guide is well-versed in history and knows what sights to highlight on each tour. You might also want to consider getting a Guide with experience in areas such as business travel or tourism, which will make navigating the city easier for you and ensure that your time is well spent.

Book Your Tour

Once you’ve picked a Guide and chosen an area of the city to focus on, it’s time to book your tour! The best way to do this is through online booking services like TripAdvisor or Orbitz, which will provide you with detailed information about each tour agency available in London. Once booked, always follow up with the agency via phone or email so that everything remains smooth sailing during your visit!

Take a Tourist Attraction

Itineraries in London often offer interesting and unique tourist attractions that are not found on other more popular tourist destinations. By visiting these attractions, you can save money and have a lot of fun!

Eat a Local Food

When planning your trip to London, it’s important to try and find local foods whenever possible. This will help keep costs down and give you some amazing London-style cuisine to enjoy while in the city!

Buy a souvenir

When travelling to London, it’s also important to buy some souvenirs that you can take home with you – this way, you won’t have to spend any extra money on unnecessary things when arriving in town. There are plenty of great London-themed souvenirs available, so be sure to check out some of our favourite picks!


Things to Be Aware of Before Visiting London

  1. Familiarize yourself with the local laws and customs.
  2. Take precautions against pickpockets and other forms of crime.
  3. Get appropriate travel insurance in case of emergency or illness.
  4. Be aware of the potential for terror attacks and protests.
  5. Be aware of London’s congested roads, especially during rush hours.
  6. Be mindful of using public transport during peak hours.
  7. Look out for any restrictions or bans in certain areas such as parks, rivers and canals.
  8. Understand the costs of living in London and plan your budget accordingly.
  9. Carry enough money to cover travel expenses.
  10. Wear proper clothes and comfortable shoes while walking the tourist spots.
  11. Always carry a map or GPS device to navigate around.



You’re planning to visit London, but don’t know what to do first? Find out what to see and do in London! This blog contains the top places to visit in London. They are the must-visit places in London for everybody. This vibrant city is filled with rich history, culture, and fantastic sights. From iconic landmarks to hip and trendy districts, this vibrant city has it all. Festivals, shopping centres, or architectural wonders abound in this vibrant city. If you’re looking for a good tour of London, then it’s important to plan your trip well in advance. Not only will this help you get a better sense of the city, but also some of the more popular tourist attractions may not be available on every block. Furthermore, if you want to save some money on your trip, then taking local food and souvenirs is a great way to do so. Finally, it’s important to remember that tourists should always exercise caution when walking around London – even though the streets may seem safe, there are always potential dangers lurking around every corner.