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Top Signs a Libra Man Trying to Hide his Feelings

Libra’s are born between September 23 and October 22. One of friend is a Libra and his world’s a labyrinth of profound emotions. Venus governs him – the planet of love, beauty, and money. This celestial influence moulds his charm and allure. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, Venus determines how you show love and who you’re drawn to. It’s not merely about romance; it’s about allure too. His emotions? They’re an enigma, shrouded beneath layers, waiting to be deciphered. Deciphering his subtle cues is vital. It’s a voyage into the intricate emotional realm of Libra men.

Top Signs a Libra Man Trying to Hide his Feelings

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  1. The Social Butterfly Goes Silent:

Observing my Libra friend change was like watching a vibrant painting fade to grey. He, the heart of every gathering, suddenly became reticent. It felt odd and disturbing. Where once he thrived in social settings, now he withdrew. His reticence raised questions in my mind. Why this sudden change? What’s troubling him? It pained me to see his effervescent persona wane. A Libra’s captivating charm had turned quiet, leaving me astonished and confused.

  1. Shifts in Behaviour:

I’ve noticed something about my Libra friend; his behaviour fluctuates frequently. Especially when it concerns love or showing empathy, he becomes elusive. Despite his inherent sociability, there are moments he withdraws, becoming unusually reserved or quiet. It’s like watching a chameleon change its hues. When concealing feelings or trying to show empathy, he often wears a stern facade. It’s a surprising side of him, catching those familiar with him off guard. So, if you encounter a Libra, be prepared for these behavioural changes.

  1. Interest Concealed:

When my Libra friend is grappling with something, he often avoids our mutual friends’ parties or gatherings. It’s as if he’s keeping his distance, possibly to mask his struggles. A Libra man, when trying to hide his true emotions, might deliberately limit his social interactions. He puts on a facade, creating a protective shield around himself. It’s his tactic to shield his emotions and keep others from seeing his challenges.

  1. Facial Expressions as Indicators:

A man is blushing

  • Blushing: His cheeks subtly flush when he looks at you, a clear sign of attraction.
  • Downward Glances: He often avoids eye contact or looks away, suggesting shyness or apprehension.
  • Lip Touching: While talking, he touches or bites his lips, an unconscious sign of his interest in you.
  • Eyebrows: They serve more than just a cosmetic function; they convey emotions and assist in facial recognition. Watch for:
    • Raised and arched (indicating surprise)
    • Lowered and knitted together (signs of anger, sadness, or fear)
    • Drawn up in the inner corners (indicating sadness)
  • Eyes: Often called the “windows to the soul,” eyes reveal a lot about emotions. You should be noticing:
    • Rapid blinking (indicating distress or discomfort) or sparse blinking (indicating an attempt to regulate emotions).
    • Dilated pupils (indicating interest or arousal)
    • Intense gaze (indicating focus or anger) or averted gaze (indicating unease or distraction)
    • Mouth: The mouth communicates more than just words. Pay attention to:
      • Dropped jaw (indicating surprise)
      • Open mouth (indicating fear)
      • One side of the mouth raised (suggesting disdain or scorn)
      • Uplifted corners (indicating happiness)
      • Corners downturned (indicating sadness)
    • Other signs to observe:
    • Lip nibbling (indicating anxiety)
    • Compressed lips (indicating distaste)
    • Masking the mouth (hiding something)
  1. Body Language Insights:

A man with sustained eye contact

I used to closely observe my friend’s body language as it often revealed more than words. The orientation of a Libra man’s feet offers valuable insights into his emotions. If you’re adept at interpreting body language, these traits can be incredibly revealing:

  • Foot Positioning: A Libra man’s feet often point towards his interests. If they’re directed towards you during a conversation, it typically indicates engagement and genuine interest.
  • Eye Contact: Sustained eye contact shows confidence and attentiveness. However, if a person avoids eye contact, it might suggest discomfort, shyness, or potential deception.
  • Facial Expressions: Expressions like raised eyebrows can indicate surprise, while a furrowed brow might suggest confusion or concern. A genuine smile, reaching the eyes, often signifies happiness or genuine amusement.
  • Hand Gestures: Open palms usually indicate honesty and openness, while clenched fists might suggest tension or anger. Fidgeting or tapping fingers can indicate nervousness or impatience.
  • Posture: A relaxed and upright posture often indicates confidence and attentiveness. Slouching or crossed arms might suggest defensiveness or disinterest. By observing these body language cues, you can gain deeper insights into a person’s emotions and intentions.
  1. The Art of Listening:

The Art of Listening can play a pivotal role in deciphering whether a Libra is concealing something. When engaged in conversation, a Libra man might exhibit subtle cues through his tone, pauses, and choice of words that can hint at concealed emotions or thoughts.

  • Tone of Voice: Pay attention to shifts in tone. A sudden change from a relaxed tone to a more guarded one might indicate discomfort or unease, potentially suggesting that something is being withheld.
  • Pauses and Hesitations: If a Libra frequently pauses, stutters, or hesitates while speaking, it could signify that he’s carefully choosing his words or trying to navigate around a sensitive topic.
  • Avoidance of Specific Topics: If certain subjects are consistently skirted around or avoided altogether, it may indicate that the Libra is purposefully steering clear of revealing information or feelings related to those topics.
  • Non-Verbal Cues: Alongside listening, observe non-verbal cues like avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, or defensive body language. These can be tell-tale signs of discomfort or attempts to hide something.
  • Empathetic Listening: By actively listening and showing empathy, you can create a safe and open environment. This might encourage a Libra to open and share more, making it easier to discern if he’s hiding something.
  1. Distracted Behaviour:

Observing my Libra friend’s distracted behaviour often provides a glimpse into his emotional world.

  • Lost in Thought: Whenever he seems distant or appears deep in thought, it’s an indication that he might be grappling with his feelings, possibly about our friendship or other personal matters.
  • Struggling to Express: There are times when he loses his train of thought mid-conversation or seems to forget what he was about to say. This could indicate his internal struggle between the desire to communicate his feelings and the fear of showing vulnerability.
  • Creating a Safe Space: To foster openness, I often pose open-ended questions like, “Is everything okay?” or “You seem a bit distant, is there something on your mind?” Such questions can pave the way for deeper conversations, showing him that I value his feelings and am there to listen without judgment.
  1. Changes in Routine:

If he starts withdrawing from social gatherings, avoids mutual friends, or changes his usual routines without explanation, he might be dealing with hidden emotions.

  • Mixed Signals: A Libra man might send mixed signals or give conflicting information about his plans or feelings, making it difficult to discern his true intentions.
  1. Jealousy Hints:

A man showing jealous expression

If a Libra man shows signs of jealousy, especially when you’re around other men, it might indicate deeper feelings that he’s trying to hide.

  • Subtle Reactions: Notice his reactions when you mention spending time with other people or potential romantic interests. Any change in his behaviour or tone could hint at hidden emotions.


Decoding the emotional landscape of a Libra man is a journey that requires a harmonious blend of sensitivity, patience, and astute observation. By paying attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues and fostering open communication, one can navigate the complexities of a Libra man’s emotions, ensuring a deeper understanding and connection. Also, if you are interested in knowing about narcissism then please go through our blog post 16 signs God is exposing a narcissist in your life.