London Luton Airport Long Stay Car Park

London Luton Mid Stay Car Park: Navigation Guide

Preparing to jet off from London Luton Airport soon? One of the biggest concerns for many travellers is finding a tranquil spot to leave their car which promises security and convenience. Don’t worry – London Luton Mid Stay Car Park has got you covered! It’s an engaging place swiftly reachable by a 10-minute bus journey from the terminal, plus it integrates seamlessly with the airport ambience. With London Luton Mid Stay as your chosen parking venue, swift entry/exit becomes your new normal while mitigating any possibilities of remote parking hassles. Their understanding of people appreciating streamlined experiences results in taking extraordinary measures towards vehicle safeguarding – bolstered fences, secured gates and continuous CCTV surveillance that incessantly tracks changes round-the-clock make this happen. Moreover, it isn’t only focused on ensuring quickness or comfort; affordability gets its fair share too! Prices are comfortably set starting at an attractive £32 for one-to-three-day stays making sure neither does pocket feels lighter nor worries plague concerning safety. So whether the concern is savings or peace surrounding security, London Luton Mid Stay seems the perfect answer ticking every requirement box.


Kеy Fеaturеs of London Luton Mid Stay Car Park:
London Luton mid stay parking

  1. Safe auto storage: The Mid Stay Car Park assures a safe and secure facility with round-the-clock patrolling during your stay. This ensures that you can peacefully park, knowing well enough the constant surveillance of security personnel.
  2. Ideal Location: Being just 10 minutes away by foot from the terminal building makes this car parking area ideal for travellers who prefer hauling their luggage over to walking distance instead of enduring shuttle bus troubles.
  3. Spontaneous arrivals welcomed: Pre-booking isn’t required at all at our Mid Stay Car Park. You are more than welcome to simply show up and pick an available spot -perfectly fitting if dealing with last-minute plans or unpredictable schedules.
  4. Accessible Parking amenities: Blue badge-marked spaces emphasize inclusivity in every one of its establishments, especially within the mid-stay car park zone; these spots permit passengers harbouring disabilities or reduced mobility easy access into the adjoining terminal yards.
  5. Exclusive PRM Bays provision: Passengers warranting appropriate PRM Bay space gain entitled privileges as free upgrades centred around proximity advantages fostering effortless airport entry.
  6. 24/7 patrols: The car parks are Park Mark® certified, assessed by the police and patrolled twenty-four hours a day. It means that the car park is meeting the standards of the Safer Parking Scheme, aimed at reducing crime and fear of crime in parking facilities.
  7. Save by pre-booking: For stays exceeding 24 hours, you can save up to 60% by pre-booking a parking space instead of paying on the day. It is an excellent choice particularly if you have plans to have a longer trip and want to save some money for yourself from parking.
  8. Bikers park free: Mid Stay Car Park has allocated motorcycle parking bays where motorcycles can be parked for free for no more than 21 days. It is ideal if travelling on a motorbike and you want to cut down on parking costs.
  9. No height restriction: There are no restrictions on height in the Mid Stay Car Park. This means that any vehicle’s height can be accommodated in this car park.
  10. Drop off/pick-up zone: If you have plans of picking up somebody or dropping them off, come to the Mid Stay Car Park whereby following its recent car park fire, the drop-off and pick-up zone has been temporarily relocated there. This option is convenient if you need to pick someone from or drop them at the airport.

London Luton Mid Stay Car Park vs Long Stay Parking Vs Meet & Greet Parking Vs Short Stay Parking

  • Long-term Parking: The long-term parking is distanced from the terminal than the central terminal and you have to take a bus that leads you to the terminal. But it’s more economical than the central station, so it can be an option if you’re in a purse.
  • Meet & Greet Parking: The service greets parking that is best to place your car at the terminal, and someone parks your vehicle safely and reserves you the parking space. It is the easy option if you do not have more time for parking yourself or you are loaded with heavy luggage. However, it is slightly more expensive as compared to Mid Stay parking.
  • Short Stay Car Park: The nearest car park to the terminal building provides a short-stay or pick-up facility only. However, Long-term parking in the Short Stay Car Park proves out to be more expensive than Long-term Parking in the Mid Stay Car Park.

Sustainablе Mobility and Elеctric Charging Points:

A tesla car getting charged in Luton Airport parking

Electric Vehicle Charging Options at London Luton Airport

The website for London Luton Airport does not provide details about electric vehicle charging available in the Mid Stay car park. However, there are 6 Tesla chargers and 4 Type 2 chargers located in the Terminal 1 parking area on the second level of the airport building. The toll booths are freely open to all but standard parking fees do apply for vehicle storage in the car park area.

Suitability for Various Vehicle Dimensions

This vehicle storage area is suitable for larger automobiles and can accommodate most regular passenger cars that are less than 2 meters wide by 2.1 meters tall by 5 meters long. Most regular private vehicles (without extra carriers/not commercial transport) will be accepted at the vehicle storage as long as they remain under 2 meters wide by 2.1 meters tall by 5 meters long. The vehicle storage cannot accept any high-profile vehicles, passenger vans, mobile homes, trucks, caravans, extra carriers or automobiles larger than the maximum dimensions listed.

Making Parking Easy for Everyone

Luton Airport’s Mid Stay Car Park has special spots for travellers with access needs. If you use a wheelchair or need special parking, we’ve put spaces close to the bus stops for your convenience. We want to make sure you’re comfortable and that getting from your car to the airport is hassle-free, including finding a place to park. We’ve picked spots near the bus stops to make it easier for those who need a bit of extra help. Our goal is to take the stress out of every step in your journey, parking included.

Top-Notch Safety for Your Car

Even though London Luton Airport’s website doesn’t list the safety features, our car park is under watch all the time. It’s got barriers, fences, and lights for the night. Plus, we’ve been recognised by the Police Association with the National Safety Park Icon award. Our security is really strong, with cameras watching all the time, staff at the gates, and security people walking around regularly. You can relax while you’re away, knowing your car is in a safe spot.

Bеyond Parking: Tailoring thе Expеriеncе

The Mid Stay Car Park at Luton Airport isn’t just a place to leave your car. It’s a spot tailored for modern-day flyers, with eco-friendly features like charging stations for electric cars, spaces for all sizes of vehicles, easy access for everyone, and top-notch security to give you a worry-free start to your trip.

  • Fancy parking? You can go for Priority Parking where you drop your car at the terminal, and someone else parks it for you. Perfect if you’re rushed or loaded with bags. It’s only a short 3-minute stroll to get inside.
  • Need some extra help? If you’ve got special requirements, the airline’s got you covered, from check-in to boarding, as well as help getting around and with medical gear.
  • Feel like relaxing before your flight? Luton Airport has a couple of lounges where anyone can chill, grab a bite, sip on a drink, log onto free WiFi, and sit back in comfy chairs.
  • Looking to shop or eat? There are loads of places to choose from, whether you want to grab a quick bite, enjoy a coffee, or buy some last-minute items, all without breaking the bank.
  • Need different money? Several spots at the airport offer good deals for currency exchange. Plus, you can grab cash from ATMs dotted around the terminal.
  • In a rush? Choose Express Security and skip the regular queues to get through security faster and cut down on the stress of waiting.

Remember, at Luton Airport, they’re all about making your journey as smooth as possible.


Tips for a Strеss-Frее Parking Expеriеncе at London Luton Mid Stay Car Park:

  1. Reserve Your Spot Early:  Book your parking spot early to secure a space during busy periods and potentially cut costs, making the process of parking much easier on arrival.
  2. Shop Around for Deals: Check various parking options and costs before deciding, to find an affordable deal that suits your needs.
  3. Know the Parking Rules: Take a bit of time to learn what’s allowed and what’s not in the lot you choose. This can keep you from getting fined for simple mistakes.
  4. Bring Necessary Paperwork: Carry your parking pass and the car’s papers with you. It’ll make things faster when you get there and you won’t have to wait around.
  5. Be Safe: When stepping out of your car, especially if you’re carrying stuff that’s worth a bit, be alert. And never leave your things where people can just grab them. If you’re in a hurry, use the terminal’s free parking for 15 minutes.
  6. Use Shuttle Services: Booking the shuttle can cut down on walking. It’s a handy option that saves your legs and time.
  7. Park Correctly: Always use the parking areas to steer clear of tickets and make parking hard for others.
  8. Follow Directions: Keep an eye out for signs and do what the people in charge of parking tell you. It makes sure you’re parked properly and can get out without a fuss.
  9. Speak Up About Issues: If something seems off, like damage or a messy office, tell the staff right away.
  10. Enjoy Your Trip: Once you’ve parked, you can chill out and look forward to what’s ahead. Luton Airport’s part-time parking service has got your back, letting you concentrate on the fun stuff coming up.


The Luton Airport MidStay Car Park is a smart and affordable choice for those needing parking for a short while. It’s got everything you need—a handy spot, quick bus rides, strong security, and prices that make sense, all adding up to parking without the panic. You’ll be calm knowing your car’s tucked away at the Luton Airport MidStay, watched over round-the-clock with cameras and fences. There’s also special parking for disabled folks.

Want to see London’s cool spots with zero fuss? Peek at our “10 Ways to Travеl in London Without an Oystеr Card” and we’ll look after your car at Luton. Our shuttle zips you to and from the terminal in no time—perfect for that last-minute dash to your flight or a leisurely breakfast before exploring.

For a mix of good cost and great service, Luton Airport’s MidStay Car Park hits the mark. You get solid value for your cash whether you’re off on a work trip or a longer vacation. Just park up, jump on the shuttle, and you’re on your way.