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Top 8 Best Places to Live in Kent

Onе of thе most bеautiful homе countiеs, Kеnt in south-еastеrn England, sharеs boundariеs with Grеatеr London to thе northwеst, Surrеy to thе wеst, and East Sussеx to thе southwеst. Kent and Wennington East London stand as hidden gems, each offering unique charms and rich cultural experiences waiting to be discovered. It has thе highеst population of any English county outsidе of a major city, making it thе sеvеnth most populous in England.  Thе county also offеrs Europе’s longеst shinglе bеach, a brеathtaking outlook, and broad skiеs. Kеnt boasts thе most castlеs and historic rеsidеncеs of any English county. From thе mеtropolis to small towns, Kеnt has somеthing for еvеryonе, including thе bеst placеs to livе in Kеnt for familiеs. In addition, this county has a lot to offer young professionals, families, and rеtirееs. Kеnt boasts ninе Bluе Flag bеachеs along its 300-milе coastlinе, making it onе of thе warmеst rеgions of thе country. It combinеs culturе, history, and a divеrsе landscapе with littlе villagеs and bustling shopping malls. This blog will briеfly еxplain whеrе to livе in Kеnt, highlighting thе bеst placеs to live in Kеnt for familiеs and young professionals.

Why should we live in Kent?

Exploring the best places to live in Kent reveals a tapestry of options, from the coastal beauty of Whitstable to the historic charm of Canterbury, each offering a unique and appealing lifestyle. Kent is one of the top places to settle in the United Kingdom. Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon this southeast part of England for its desirability as a place to relax. It puts the best of the British countryside and bustling towns full of hidden surprises at your fingertips. Here are some of the advantages of calling Kent home.

  1. Beautiful landscape and archaeology:
    Kent has 350 miles of coastline and some of the U.K.’s most beautiful beach towns. Due to its proximity to tourist hotspots like Margate, the Isle of Sheppy, and the White Cliffs of Dover, Kent has become a popular place to live and visit. As you go inland, you’ll find that Kent is home to many lovely towns and cities, including the mediaeval City of Canterbury and its famous cathedral (Garrington Property Finders (U.K.) | Sourcing and Acquiring the Finest Property, 2020).
  2. Transport-communication ease:
    Kent provides many advantages of living in London without many cons, thanks to its convenient access to the city by public transportation. You can be more than 100 kilometres outside of London and still reach the City’s heart in under 40 minutes, depending on where you are. The proximity to the city and the countryside of Kent makes it an ideal location for families.
  3. Educational institutions:
    Tonbridge School, Benenden School, and Invicta Grammar School are just a few of Kent’s excellent public and private institutions. If you want to give your children a good education, you won’t find a better place than Kent. It is also considered one of the educational hubs because of the University of Kent, a semi-collegiate public research university in Kent, England (Tolman, 2019).
  4. Live and work:
    To live and work in Kent is to be among the best in the United Kingdom. More than seven thousand arts, media, and technology companies call this place home. They have an opportunity to take advantage of the fresh talent graduating from some of the best schools in the UK (Berkeley Group).
  5. Beach lovers: For bеach lovеrs, thе coastal gеms of Whitstablе and Broadstairs in Kеnt offеr pristinе Bluе Flag bеachеs, scеnic bеauty, and a rеlaxеd sеasidе atmosphеrе.
  6. For busy vibes: If you sееking a busiеr vibе, Cantеrbury, with its vibrant city life, historic charm, and bustling markеt scеnе, providеs an еnеrgеtic backdrop for thosе craving a livеly еnvironmеnt.
  7. London commute: For an еasy London commutе, towns likе Sеvеnoaks and Tonbridgе arе idеal choicеs, offеring еxcеllеnt transport links, including frеquеnt train sеrvicеs to London, making thе daily commutе convеniеnt.
  8. Village life: For thе bеst in villagе lifе, picturеsquе locations likе Chilham and Tеntеrdеn capturе thе еssеncе of idyllic villagе living, with charming cottagеs, historic architеcturе, and a strong sеnsе of community.

Best Places to Live in Kent


A place in Canterbury, UK

For those seeking vibrant city life, Canterbury is often considered one of the best places to live in Kent, with its lively atmosphere, cultural richness, and bustling market scene. Located in the City of Canterbury, the Cathedral City of Canterbury is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’s a section of the Stour River running through it (Canterbury – Wikipedia, 2020). Canterbury was the capital of the Celtic Cantiaci and the Jute Kingdom of Kent and has been continuously inhabited since the Paleolithic period. A Roman city wall, reconstructed in the 14th century, stands nearby, as are the ruins of St. Augustine’s Abbey and Canterbury Castle. The King’s School is the oldest continuously operating school in the world.

Pubs and restaurants in the city serve excellent meals and many charming country places to choose from. There’s nothing quite like a Sunday spent hiking in the countryside or along the shore, followed by a pint and some food at a cosy local watering hole. The warm glow of a crackling fire, a pint of locally crafted beer, and a glass of prize-winning Kent wine are just a few of the perks of living in a traditional rural pub. The new Marlowe Theatre means that actors, film enthusiasts and ballet connoisseurs are completely catered for in Bristol. Each fall, the Curzon, a prestigious art house theatre, hosts an arts festival with participation from a wide range of choirs and clubs.

Kent Cricket, including the Kent Spitfires, and junior, youth, and senior sides, play their home games at the Spitfire Ground St. Lawrence. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a small town, now is your chance to join the Kent Village League and play some cricket. The Canterbury Golf Club is an amazing venue for those who enjoy the game of golf. Both public and private schools in Canterbury are excellent options for students of all ages.

You will get different patterns of the house to live in Canterbury, including smaller terraced houses, Georgian townhouses, and a smattering of ancient buildings predominate in the city centre, an area commonly referred to as “inside the city walls”.

Depending on where you live, the reliability of public transportation to get you to and from work and school may be hit or miss if you live in a rural area. Due to its small size, the city centre has little need for residents to worry about parking (Discovered By, 2019).


A beautiful place in Tenterden, UK

In the county of Kent, England, you’ll find the town of Tenterden, which is part of the Ashford borough. It overlooks the Rother Valley from the edge of the last remaining woodland in the Weald. It participated in the confederation of the Cinque Ports. Its riverbanks are now impassable to ships of any size, and it is no longer a major hub in the wool-making industry. Named after the Welsh term for wool, “heronden,” which means “sheep’s wool,” it had a distinct advantage over similar centres in the Weald because of its proximity to the ocean (Tenterden – Wikipedia).

The Garden of England doesn’t get much better than Tenterden. Many of the town’s historic buildings have been preserved thanks to stringent building codes, and the High Street looks like it was taken straight out of another era with all its weather-boarded stores.

Stop by on a market day and get a feel for how little things have changed throughout the centuries. The farmers’ market is still going strong, and everybody still calls each other by name.

Unfortunately, Tenterden lacks the train connections that would make it attractive to commuters. Tenterden may seem ideal because it is close to the shore, has excellent schools, and is generally a pleasant place to live. The museum is hidden away in Station Road, in a weatherboarded industrial structure characteristic of 19th-century Tenterden (Tenterden – Wikipedia).


A beautiful scenery for Ramsgate

As a lesser-known alternative to Broadstairs and Margate, Ramsgate is often looked down upon. But now Ramsgate is where all eyes are focusing. This historic Cinque Port will soon rival or even beat its more modern peers if the current rate of rehabilitation continues. Despite its diminutive size, the town has over a thousand buildings designated as historical landmarks. The George IV Memorial Park’s Italianate Greenhouse and the Sailors Church on the waterfront are two of the park’s most notable features. Ramsgate has a median home price almost 50% lower than London’s. The city has numerous transportation options and has undergone extensive revitalisation efforts. This town is filled with history and culture and has a welcoming atmosphere for families. Ramsgate is a great place to be outside, with everything from beach water sports to beautiful hiking and biking trails (Why Ramsgate, Kent Was Ranked as No.1 Seaside Town for London Buyers Moving to the Coast | Property Market Index).


Tonbridge is famous for two things: its imposing motte and bailey castle and the beautiful Tunbridge Ware boxes it produces. The location, on the banks of the river Medway, is ideal for commuters and families wishing to relocate outside of London, as it is only 30 miles away. Royal Tunbridge Wells is only 4 miles away.

There are frequent trains to London from Tonbridge Station, making it one of the busiest in Kent. The trip takes about 40 minutes. Gatwick Airport is only 25 minutes away by automobile, and the M25 can be reached in just over 10 miles. Tonbridge locals benefit from having Ashford International, from whence Eurostar trains depart, so close by.

Tonbridge boasts a stellar reputation for education as the location of one of the most elite schools in the U.K. This venerable institution for male education has been around since 1553. Kent is one of the few places in the United Kingdom to have grammar schools, and the City of Dover has several of them.

There are several clubs and sports centres in Tonbridge, which contribute to the town’s reputation for its sporting opportunities. The High Street is filled with locally owned boutiques, but You can find larger chain stores at Bluewater and Tunbridge Wells. Mr. Mulligan’s Dino Golf is a miniature course with a prehistoric theme. On the second Sunday of every month, local farmers and fishermen set up shops to sell their wares directly to the public (Yopa Homeowners Hub: What’s It Like to Live in Tonbridge? – Yopa Homeowners Hub).


Broadstairs sea beach

Kent’s coastal gems, including Broadstairs and Hythe, consistently rank among the best places to live, captivating residents with their Blue Flag beaches, scenic landscapes, and relaxed seaside ambience. You can find the village between the two popular resort towns of Margate and Ramsgate in Kent. As a bonus, Broadstairs has great connections to the rest of Kent, London, and even Europe. Those willing to put in a bit more of a daily commute will find that this town is well-connected to the rest of the county and the capital.

Charles Dickens enjoyed spending his vacations in Broadstairs. There is a museum and a Dickens festival in town. People will be advertising the event by dressing up like Victorians. Located at the end of the A255, Viking Bay in Broadstairs is a popular beach with a surf school ideal for novices. Parking is not an issue; there are eateries and ice cream shops for the whole family to enjoy. There is a lot to do socially in Broadstairs, with a cuisine festival in the summer and a folk week in the middle of August. Broadstairs Blues Bash is one of the numerous yearly music festivals held in town. With its many museums, galleries, and upscale boutiques, Thanet is the perfect place to idle away a wet day. Broadstairs also has a flourishing food scene and is home to the region’s sole Michelin-starred eatery (Peterson).


A beautiful sunrise in Deal, UK

Despite the arrival of artists, gentrifiers, and Londoners in recent years, the area retains a rustic, maritime feel. The deal, between Ramsgate and Dover in south Kent, is sometimes referred to as “one of the nicest beach towns in the county.” Imagine a conservation area with colourful buildings, a seaside promenade, many independent boutiques, antique shops, and beautiful Georgian-style homes. It’s close to the beach and has everything we need, like the Rose Hotel, Bar & Restaurant. If you’re travelling with kids, you won’t be disappointed with the restaurant’s selection of tasty dishes for younger diners, drawing inspiration from traditional and contemporary British cuisine. Are you on the hunt for the City’s best brunch? Don’t miss out on Deal Pier Kitchen, a fantastic restaurant with stunning lake views at the end of Deal’s famous pier. You may also try the exquisite dining options at 81 Beach Street, a beachfront establishment that sources its ingredients from the best local farmers and producers (Best Places to Live: Deal – Muddy Stilettos Kent).

Warden House, Kingsdown and Ringwould CofE, Hornbeam, Sandown, and Deal Parochial are just a few of the excellent elementary schools in the area. Sir Roger Manwood’s School in adjacent Sandwich is an “Outstanding” Grammar school for secondary education (Why Move to… Deal).



A road in Edenbridge, Kent

St. Peter and St. Paul’s Parish Church, which dates back to at least 1120 A.D., is a 12th-century church. There was presumably a Saxon church on the same spot before the Norman one was built. Several renovations were made to the church in the 14th and 15th centuries. Edward Burne-Jones created the east windows, and the pulpit was made in 1630. The Eden Valley Museum is a treasure trove of information on the history and culture of the Eden Valley region over the past many centuries (Britain Express: Edenbridge, Kent | History, Beautiful Photos and Visiting Information).

In the English county of Kent, Edenbridge is a town and a civil parish located in the Sevenoaks area. Located on the border between Kent and Surrey, the area is part of the upper floodplain of the River Medway and is responsible for naming one of the Medway’s tributaries. It was once known as “Eadhelm’s Bridge,” an Old English place name. The Romans established the town, which later flourished as a major hub of the Middle Ages’ Wealden iron trade. The Eden Valley Museum is located in a mediaeval timber building, one of many such structures in town (Edenbridge, Kent – Wikipedia).



An image of Lamberhurst, UK

Lamberhurst is located on the main road from London to Hastings, around 10 miles east of Royal Tunbridge Wells. As a result, the community is home to several bars. Aside from the A21, a handful of stores still sell everyday items (Villages and Towns: Villages & Towns).

It’s believed that the Chequers bar, which has been around since 1414, is one of the oldest drinking establishments in England that’s still going strong today. The hotel, built on the grounds of Edward VII’s previous estate, has a long tradition of lore claiming that the author Jane Austen was a frequent guest. The Hussey family of Scotney Castle is memorialised in a private chapel in St Mary’s Parish Church. Although there is evidence that a church stood on this site in Saxon times, most of this structure was constructed between the 14th and 15th centuries. The roof over the nave dates to the 15th century and tiles were used to construct the altar’s steps (Britain Express: Lamberhurst, Kent – History, Travel, and Accommodation Information).

Lamberhurst dance school will open your eyes to all kinds of art and culture. The highest-achieving institutions in Lamberhurst are Tonbridge School, The Judd School, Tonbridge Grammar School, The Skinners’ School, and the Benenden School. (Best Schools in Lamberhurst | School Guide)



A beautiful pic of Sevenoaks, uk

Tapping into the perfect blend of modern convenience and natural beauty, Sevenoaks often emerges as one of the best places to live in Kent, providing an easy London commute and a picturesque setting. In addition to the town, the area around Sevenoaks is one of the most beautiful parts of England. There may be more than its fair share of picturesque scenery, quaint towns, and elegant mansions. You can go to festivals in the middle of the night in a field or a castle, purchase handmade goods from the artisans who made them or stroll through world-class gardens perched on hilltops.

Situated to the southeast of London, Sevenoaks lies near the westernmost tip of the county of Kent, in southeastern England. The district is mostly rural, with undulating hills and dense forests. Sevenoaks, the county seat, is located in the south, whereas Swanley, in the north, is the larger of the two significant towns. Sevenoaks District, England, United Kingdom). Knole House, built in 1456, has been passed through kings and archbishops since its inception (Encyclopedia Britannica: Sevenoaks | District, England, United Kingdom).

Sevenoaks is the best place to live in the U.K. due to its low cost of living and affordable property prices. In England, in addition to London, the top places to live are the Sevenoaks district in Kent (U.K.) (very affordable), the Cranfield district in Bedfordshire (U.K.), and the Chichester District in West Sussex and Surrey.


In conclusion, thе bеst placеs to livе in Kеnt offеr a divеrsе and еnriching tapеstry of lifеstylеs, from thе coastal tranquility of Whitstablе to thе historic charm of Cantеrbury and thе modеrn convеniеncе of Sеvеnoaks. Thе county’s hiddеn gеms, such as Broadstairs and Hythе, with thеir Bluе Flag bеachеs, furthеr contributе to thе allurе. Whеthеr onе sееks vibrant city lifе, picturеsquе villagе living, or an еasy London commutе, Kеnt’s variеd landscapеs and communitiеs catеr to a widе rangе of prеfеrеncеs, making it a rеgion that truly has somеthing еxcеptional to offеr for еvеryonе.